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*Adoption donations are based on but not limited to: health, age, and sex of the pup. Adoption donations range from $50.-$900. You may ask "Why would you charge an adoption fee? Why not just place in a good home?" The answer is: because we rely heavily on these adoption fees in order to be able to take in ALL Yorkies in need. A young, healthy dog may cost us $250-500 in vet care, and have many homes interested in adopting him/her. An older or sick yorkie, or one with health issues can easily cost $500-1500+ in veterinary expenses. He/she may require months of foster care for rehabilitation or expensive surgery; yet we can only ask a minimal adoption fee. Often times these are also the same dogs that don't receive as many inquires for adopting. Please keep in mind that the adoption donations of younger, healthy dogs help defray the higher costs of the veterinary care of older, injured or sick dogs. We hope that people looking to adopt through Yorkies Inc. are willing to give an opportunity for a better life to ALL of our dogs by supporting them through adoption fees. We are a non-profit organization. Without these adoption donations we would not have the funding to take in all yorkies in need. Yorkies Inc. completely vets every dog we take in. All dogs are groomed given a complete exam and brought up to date on all vaccines. They are also given a dental cleanings, spayed/neutered, heartworm tested and any medical needs and needed surgeries are met before placement.  We are only interested in loving responsible homes that are willing to commit to the care and up keep of the pup for a lifetime. If you are not willing to pay the adoption donation now you are likely not to pay for quality food or to see to the pups health care needs in the future. Remember we are looking for our pups to become family members and cherished companions not a convenient impulse purchase. If you are only looking into "rescue" as a way to save money or "don't want to pay breeder prices" please check your local shelters. They are able to adopt out much cheaper as they are often state and/or federally funded and have vets on staff.

 If interested in adopting with Yorkies Inc please submit an adoption application. We always go to applications already on file when dogs become available. Thank you so much for considering adoption!




Pixie is our newest special needs pup who weighs just 1.4lbs at 8 months old! She has a defect in her spine at her C1 and C2 vertebrae known as Atlanto Axial Sub-luxation or Instability also known as AAI. For those of you have been following us for some time, you may remember Posey who was our very first AAI pup. This is a very serious condition where the first two vertebrae in the neck are dislocated. Over the past few years we are seeing more and more small dogs, and Yorkies in particular, born with this condition.  They are born with the malformation, but then usually an injury occurs to bring it on. Pups can die instantly, but those who survive are usually left paralyzed, or have extreme difficulty walking. Depending on the severity or placement of the bones,  conservative treatment would include splinting the neck and body. Then being kept low key for a period of months to allow the bones to grow into an alignment and fuse as the puppy grows. In other cases the C1 vertebrae is "telescoping" into C2 so that fusion will likely not happen even with splinting.

When we got the call for Pixie she was on a decline, so we immediately set up an appointment to see Neurologist Dr Faissler at Tufts in Grafton MA. so Pixie could be seen right away. A few tests were done, along with a CT scan that confirmed Pixie does in fact have a severe AAI. On top of that she has an old skull fracture. For her size and the severity of her injury Dr Faissler was amazed that not only had she survived, but that with the neck splint she can actually still walk! We were so thankful that she was walking too! Sadly, though the CT scan showed her vertebrae are telescoping and she is not expected to "fuse" over time so surgery is likely her only option. The good news is, if we can get her body condition improved, and she gets stronger she should be a good candidate for the surgery in a few months. In Dr Faissler's words "she is a nice little dog and she is a fighter" We are hoping with your help that we can give her the fighting chance, and will have the funds in place when she's ready! Her vetting so far was $1,147.68 and we are looking at between $3000-4000 for surgery. Please consider a becoming a "friend" to Pixie.  Pixie is not available for adoption at this time. Thank you so much!
6/27/2015: Pixie has over all been doing well and is still very mobile, yet she had been having some very raspy breathing and we had also discovered that her ribs didn't feel right on her right side. We got her in for a recheck and sadly it was confirmed with x-rays that she does in fact have yet another skeletal abnormality! The ribs on her right side are not completely formed and are all shorter and not as concave as they should be. Her left side is not exactly normal either but better then her right. This new information means that even with surgery she will always be a very fragile dog.  The trouble with her breathing could be coming from this but may also be part of the AAI luxation or position of neck brace. The brace was changed and she seems slightly better today. On a good note she is doing remarkably well neurologically and the vet is amazed considering. She has a great attitude and has gained 2 oz. but still only weighs 1.8lbs. Luckily she doesn't realize just how broken she is and lives each day to the fullest. We are looking into getting her retained deciduous teeth removed so that maybe she'll do better eating.

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Friends of "Pixie"
$3930.00 raised

Mary Jo Holloran
Tracia Amicucci

Brenda & Walter and "Sasha & Mollie" Bissonette-Cwiek
Joanne Duncan
Karen Chisholm
Diane Soditis
Kellie Wallace
Lisa Hermenau
Alicia Watkins
Eileen Moss
Janice Tunney
Lynn Richard
"The Crazy Shelter Ladies of CT" ~ Maria Lovello, Cindy Potter, Gretchen Dale, & Patty Ricci
Cecilia Begg
Harriet Stich
Ron & Donna Smith
"Miss Roxy"
Shana Shields
Suzanne Eaton
M. Cathy Bauer
Janet Rochlin
Kim's Grooming
"Abby Rose"
Ruth Rietveld-Kirwan
Lori Lannon
Janice Tomlin
OdysseyRE Foundation/Tracia Amicucci
Nicole Patrick
Wendy Scott & Jim Smith
Alice MacKenzie
Brenda & Walter and "Sasha & Mollie" Bissonette-Cwiek
Jill Garvey
Sherry & Susan Chauvin
Ruth Molin & Lisa Geis
Debra Flynn
Cheryl Almeida
Erik Ebert
Karen Lubov
Carol Robb
Brian White
Catherine Sharbaugh
Kathleen Tripp
Nicole Waldron
Nancy Holt
Joanne Hatfield & Dick Kelly ~ In Memory of Linda J. Derocher
Elinor Mony M.D. ~ In Memory of Linda J. Derocher
Kim Berggren ~ In Memory of Linda J. Derocher
Maureen & David Fitch ~ In Memory of Linda J. Derocher
Shirley Geis
Robert Chotalal "Thank You" from Peter, Helena & Jack Hood
Stanbridge College
Nazi Masoum
In memory of sweet "Aimee" beloved companion of Dan, Nancy, Veronica, Victoria Vanessa & Virginia
from Denny, Cyndie, Andrew, Paul, And Julia






Polka Dot


Meet Polka Dot a 1yo tiny female Yorkie who is just adorable. Polka Dot was born with a deformity in her rib cage on her left side. We have had her seen by a specialist who feels that as long as she is placed in the right situation this should not cause her any serious issues. Of course she is more fragile but that would be the case given her size of under 3lbs anyway. Our vet suggested keeping her in a coat or sweater during cooler months and a harness type vest for walks and playing. She is a playful sweet little girl and is healthy and happy and typical yorkie in every other way. She would be great with another tiny pup. We will not be placing her with dogs over 5lbs or any children in the home and will be extra protective about her placement for very obvious reasons. She is house trained for a pee pad or will go outside when taken. She is spayed, micro-chipped and up to date on all vaccines. Her retained puppy teeth were also removed. If you are interested in adopting please submit an adoption application. Any questions please email Cathie@yorkiesinc.com

Mason & Tia

Meet Mason and Tia and adorable little 4lb pair! Tia is 7yo and very friendly and confident she is all up to date and is house trained to pee pads or will go outside. Mason is little 3 1/2 yo special needs boy. He was born with a deficit in his cerebellum that leaves him wobbly in his walking and a bit unstable. This doesn't take away from his sweet, loving personality once he knows and trusts you. He loves to be held and will follow you around and is a pretty typical little guy for the most part.  He will potty outside or on a pee pad as well. When given a large area we have kept him in a belly band just to be safe. He has a soft quiet bark not sure if this is due to his disability or if he was debarked at some point. But he is an endearing little boy you just want to love. He is healthy and happy in every other way. He is up to date and neutered.. Tia is your typical yorkie girl and is curious and fun.  She is up to date on vaccines and spayed. We will be getting a her a dental and micro chip before she is placed. She is a wonderful big sister to Mason and we think he does better with her around. For this reason we would like to find them a home together if at all possible. Because of Mason's wobbliness we'd like a home with no stairs and no young children. They would be fine with other pets in the home of the same size. If you have any questions please email Cathie@yorkiesinc.com




Daisy is a 9 year old, 16 lb female Yorkie who was brought to Tufts University to be put to sleep by her owners. She was suffering from an open wound which was caused by ear infection that had been severely neglected for years. Due to this neglect it has now turned into a serious infection beyond anything antibiotics alone can treat. Her left ear has become necrotic (the cells in the ear have died). Besides this horrific infection Daisy was also covered in matts, soaked in urine and overall not well cared for. Despite the obvious pain this poor little girl had to be in, she was nothing but sweet and patient while being examined. Luckily the examining vet would not put Daisy down without first seeing if rescue would be willing to take on Daisy and the expensive surgery and vetting that she will need. Once Yorkie's Inc heard Daisy's story and saw the picture of her ear we couldn't say no, she needed us! We felt after years of neglect she needed a chance with someone who'd care. Daisy is going to need a total ear canal ablation surgery (TECA) on both ears and a lot of post medical care. We couldn't turn our back on Daisy and we hope you won't either.  Please consider making a donation to Daisy's vetting expenses. Daisy deserves to live a pain free life! All friend's of Daisy will be listed below.

6/26/15: Daisy had her TECA surgery on her right ear and the surgeon felt it was a great success!!! Originally Daisy was going to have double TECA surgery on both ears, but after looking at her ears again before surgery the team felt that the left ear looked better than it did weeks ago and that with further treatment we might be able to save the ear canal which would help with Daisy still being able to hear. A culture was taken to determine the most effective antibiotic to use to treat the ear to make sure the ear infection is completely gone. Daisy needs to go back  to Tufts in 14 days to have her stitches removed and at that time they will check her ear again to make sure that is continues to get better and whether she needs laser treatment to help bring down the rest of the inflammation. We are very excited to hear that she may not need the TECA surgery on her left year, however if the ear is not healing as we would like we will be scheduling the TECA surgery as we don't want Daisy to suffer anymore with ear infections.  While Daisy still needs her stitches removed and her ear re-checked before she is ready to go to her new home we are taking applications now with the hope her new home will be all set and approved for her to go once she is ready!!

We have have met our Goal for Daisy!

Thank you to All for your amazing out pouring of support for this sweet girl!
Special thanks to Robert Rosati of Alewife Co for making up the difference needed!

Friends of "Daisy"

Jean Asadorian
Jillian Simpson
Vicky Tierney
Hyeran Kim
Kathy Greene & Linda Quintiliani
Shannon Cunningham
Diane Soditis
Catherine & Winston Hobson
Merri McNeal
Dr S B Gooljar
Alec McLure
Joanne Vogel
Patricia Gonzalez-Powell
Vicki Dykes
Brenda Van Valen
Dorothy Constantino
Carla Chamberlain
Mark Seliger
David Hobson
Chena Garrison
Debra Lucey
Janice Tomlin
Judith McClure
Janice Beaman
Joan Sansone
Rennie & Robin Mirollo
Adrian Amador
Kim Condon
Brenda & Walter and "Sasha & Mollie" Bissonette-Cwiek
Janet Rochlin
Pam Hickey
Dawn & George Dupuis
Vanessa Caramelo-Harvey
Linda Freedman
Kellie Wallace
Jacqueline Riley
Eileen Moss
Isabel Morra
Jill Garvey
Kelly Miller

Jodi Pilles
Harriet Stich
Marina Soucy
Sherry & Susan Chauvin
Ruth Molin & Lisa Geis
Debra Flynn
Maria Cavaliere Lovello
Shirley Geis
Cheryl Almeida
Rosanna Bayonet
Maria Cavaliere Lovello
Judith Brill-Ruszala
Ann Ezekiel
Lawrence Calisi
Anita Konick
Kimberly Allard-Moccia & Kimberly Moccia
Stephen Glass
Edward Raney
Tim & Sue Monahan in memory of our "Daisy" dod 3/10/14
Conny Devanney
"Daisy & Petunia"
Catherine Sharbaugh
Judith Rutkowski
Lisa Geis & Ruth Molin
Rosemarie Simons
LeeAnn Christ
Dan & Pat Kelly
Debra Cairdello
Ruth "Cookie" Rietveld-Kirwan
Karen Williams
Elin Whittier
Celine Fountaine
Deborah Hotchkiss
Judith Mazza
Sallie Changery
Vicky Emmons
Margaret-Mary Romero
Habouba Assad
In Memory of "Rosie May"
Julia Burns
Susan & Bob Lewsen
Miss Roxy
Louise & Jim Thomas
Joan Sylvester
Ron & Donna Smith
 Robert Rosati Alewife Co.




Minnie is a sweet Yorkie-Poodle mix who is around 11 years old and weighs 6 lbs. Minnie's family could no longer keep her and asked Yorkies Inc to find her a new loving forever home. Minnie gets along fine with other dogs, but prefers to be with people. She would do great in a home as an only with someone home to sit on the couch and cuddle with. Minnie uses a pee pad and will go outside. She loves to be outside and would love to be able to explore in your yard (with you there due to her small size). She rides well in the car and enjoys walking on a leash. Minnie still needs further vetting before she is ready for her new home. She has a heart murmur and is going to the cardiologist for an echocardiogram before being placed in her new home. If you have any questions about Minnie please write to kerri@yorkiesinc.com If interested in being considered to adopt please fill out an application.

5/8/15 Minnie saw the cardiologist and had an echocardiogram. While we knew Minnie had a heart murmur, we were not expecting to hear that Minnie has heart disease. She was diagnosed with chronic valvular, mitral valve and tricuspid valve disease. Minnie will need to be on two heart medications for the rest of her life and be monitored for congestive heart failure (CHF) and heart arrhythmia ( very fast heart rate). We were saddened to hear this news, especially that had she seen the cardiologist when the murmur was first detected and was monitored properly for this condition and started medications sooner most likely her hear disease would not be as advanced as it is now.  The cardiologist cannot predict  the progression of her disease and she still needs a few more diagnostic tests, but we will be looking for a forever foster home for Minnie with Yorkies Inc. This home needs to live in New England, have small dog experience (preferably with heart issues, but not required) and a loving and caring  home for a sweet little girl.  Minnie's vetting has been costly and she still needs further diagnostic vetting. Due to the heart disease and the medications Minnie will also need to be followed by a veterinarian. If you would like to make a donation to Minnie's vetting it would be appreciated. All friends of Minnie will be listed below.

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Friends of "Minnie"
$845.00 raised

Diane Soditis
Patrizia Griggs
Janice Beaman
Janice Tunney
Brenda & Walter and "Sasha & Mollie" Bissonette-Cwiek
Eileen Moss
Jill Garvey
Kelly Miller
Lauren Bina-Chotalal
Ruth "Cookie" Rietveld-Kirwan
Erik Ebert
Shirley Geis
Abby & "Bentley"
Patrizia Griggs
"The Crazy Shelter Ladies of CT" ~ Maria Lovello, Cindy Potter, Gretchen Dale, & Patty Ricci




This little guy is Teddy! He's 10 months old and just about 4lbs. He's crated trained, leash trained and house trained if taken out about every 3-4 hours. He loves other dogs and hasn't met a stranger yet! He loves kids too but because of his smaller size we will not be placing him in a home with young children. He is not a barker at all but he is a high energy dog....he'd do best in a home with another playful pup his size and where he'll get a lot of attention and be with his people more then not Because of two previous elevated Bile Acids test the owners were told Teddy likely had a liver shunt.  He has never exhibited any abnormal behavior that would indicate a liver shunt. But to be safe we had an ultrasound done on Teddy and he is shunt free! Our Vet feels these tests were very likely elevated due to the many vaccines little Teddy was given all before 6 months old to a very tiny pup. Teddy has never displayed as anything but a healthy happy puppy! We are thrilled! If interested in adopting Teddy please submit an adoption application.



Lacy is a sweet 7yo female yorkie who finds herself in need of a new home because your dad passed away and her mom is to elderly to care for her. She is a bigger girl right now at 13lbs but is very overweight and should be more like 9-10lbs. Because she was raised by an elderly couple she was never brought places or socialized with others. Right now she is very shy and tends to hide. She will be playful on a one to one basis. But she will need encouragement with new people and pups.  We know if given the right situation this sweetie will blossom and become a confident little Yorkie. She is crate and leash trained. She is completely healthy and spayed and has all her vaccines. We will be getting her micro chipped and a dental cleaning before she goes to her new home. If you have a low key home and can give this little girl the time she needs she's going to be a wonderful companion.

Nikki & Munchkin


Meet Nikki and Munchkin! Munchkin is a 7 year old female Yorkie who weighs almost 2.5 lbs. Nikki is a 15 year old male Yorkie who is in very good health. He weighs  around 7.5 lbs and is very sweet and loving. Their owner has become ill and is no longer able to care for them, causing them to need a new forever home together. They have been together since Munchkin was little and we will not separate them now, as they are bonded and always looking for each other. Munchkin is very small and therefore we are looking for a home that has small dog experience and no small children. Both love to cuddle on the couch with you, give sweet kisses, relax in the sun, ride well in the car and Nikki gets very excited when he sees a leash. They have been fully vetted and are ready for their new home. If you have any questions please write to kerri@yorkiesinc.com If interested in being considered for the pair please submit an application.

Our Monthly Supporters

The pups of Yorkies Inc. have been so blessed with some of the most loving and loyal supporters! We were asked how you could help on a more regular basis so "Our Monthly Supporters" was started. We can't thank you enough for this continued support! These monthly donations allows us to always be there for a pup; be it extreme medical concerns, very old or neglected or behavioral issues that always go above and beyond normal vetting expenses. If you who would like to help with monthly donations be it in memory of a loved one or otherwise please use the PayPal button below by selecting your monthly amount and clicking "Subscribe" Your name will be added. Thank you!

Ruth Molin & Lisa Geis
Shirley Geis & "Simi"
Stanbridge College
Nazi Masoum ~ In memory of "Cupid"
Nancy McCannell & Mary Madden
Tracey Roselli ~ In memory of "Britney"
Louise & Jim Thomas
Resa Porter
Joanne Eddy
Kathie, Zach,
“Molly’, “Olivia” & “Tigger” Molenaar
Janice Tomlin
Rebecca Madrigal
Debbie Georgio
Denise Riccio
Rennie & Robin Mirollo
Sherryl Butler & Lynn Young
Karen Richards and "Abby Rose"~ in memory of "Rosie May"
Ruth "Cookie" Rietveld-Kirwan

Diane Guptill
Lee Ann Christ
Lydia Conca
Eileen Moss
Michelle Goldwaithe
Catherine Sansonetti
Julio Quintana Rizzo & Ruben Montana Lopez ~ in memory of "Dante"
Jeannie Moriarty ~ in loving memory of my "Ollie"
DeeDee Antonelli
Betsy Faraci
Barbara Lillibridge
Diane Soditis
Diane Coombs
Wendy Scott & Jim Smith
Carol Ieronimo ~ in memory of "Henry"
Glenn & Diane Petersen
Michiko Kita
Julia Lindsey
Suzanne Eaton in loving memory of "Abbey"
Richard Rosenstein & Jody Abrams
Laurie Sagnella
Shana Shields
Patrizia Griggs
Robert Rosati Alewife Co.
Diane Beauregard

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 Liver Shunt is a condition that we see far too often in Yorkies and Maltese pups. Because of this we felt we should give you all more background on this dreadful condition that is become more prevalent in our beloved breeds. Below is a link to some success stories including Bella who came into Yorkies Inc in early February 2006. She is now known as "Paisley" Please take the time to read her story and that of the other Liver Shunt Survivors. Through this link you can also find other links for more info on Liver Shunt's and what it means to the pup and the owner. We'd like to thank a good friend Stephen Glass for featuring Paisley and getting the word out about Liver shunts.  

founder Yorkies Inc.,

Cathie Cyr

Paisley/Liverhttp://livershunt.net/ Shunt

"Saving the life of one dog may not change the world, but the world will surely change for that one dog"

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