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*Adoption donations are based on but not limited to: health, age, and sex of the pup. Adoption donations range from $50.-$800. You may ask "Why would you charge an adoption fee? Why not just place in a good home?" The answer is: because we rely heavily on these adoption fees in order to be able to take in ALL Yorkies in need. A young, healthy dog may cost us $200-400 in vet care, and have many homes interested in adopting him/her. An older or sick yorkie, or one with health issues can easily cost $500-1500+ in veterinary expenses. He/she may require months of foster care for rehabilitation or expensive surgery; yet we can only ask a minimal adoption fee. Often times these are also the same dogs that don't receive as many inquires for adopting. Please keep in mind that the adoption donations of younger, healthy dogs help defray the higher costs of the veterinary care of older, injured or sick dogs. We hope that people looking to adopt through Yorkies Inc. are willing to give an opportunity for a better life to ALL of our dogs by supporting them through adoption fees. We are a non-profit organization. Without these adoption donations we would not have the funding to take in all yorkies in need. Yorkies Inc. completely vets every dog we take in. All dogs are groomed given a complete exam and brought up to date on all vaccines. They are also given a dental cleanings, spayed/neutered, heartworm tested and any medical needs and needed surgeries are met before placement.  We are only interested in loving responsible homes that are willing to commit to the care and up keep of the pup for a lifetime. If you are not willing to pay the adoption donation now you are likely not to pay for quality food or to see to the pups health care needs in the future. Remember we are looking for our pups to become family members and cherished companions not a convenient impulse purchase. If you are only looking into "rescue" as a way to save money or "don't want to pay breeder prices" please check your local shelters. They are able to adopt out much cheaper as they are often state and/or federally funded and have vets on staff.

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 If interested in adopting with Yorkies Inc please submit an adoption application. We always go to applications already on file when dogs become available. Thank you so much for considering adoption!



Meet William or Willie as he is called! Willie is a sweet 9 month old male Yorkie who weighs almost 5 lbs. Willie was surrendered by his family due to him needing  leg/hip surgery. Willie is not able to put full weight on his back leg causing him to hop around. Willie is in pain and we will be getting him in for x rays this week to see what needs to be done to fix his leg. Please consider making a donation to Willie's vetting care as he is going to need expensive leg surgery estimating to cost around $3000. All friends will be listed below. Once we have more information we will post it. Please keep Willie in your prayers. Thank you!
Update 7/18: William's surgery is scheduled for July 29th! Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers

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Friends of "Willie"
$1915.00 raised

Janet Rochlin
Kimberly Wallace
Jill Garvey
Kimberly Allard-Moccia
Eileen Kinney
Kimberly Bowman
Suzie Miley
Sandra Minotti
Susan Gulezian
Resa Porter
Maureen Drewniany
Kim Cleary
Bob & Judy DeMoura
Eileen Moss
Diane Soditis
Linda Leidy
Brenda & Walter Bissonette-Cwiek & "Mollie & Sasha"
Ruth Molin & Lisa Geis
Diane Petersen


Nikki & Munchkin


Meet Nikki and Munchkin! Munchkin is a 7 year old female Yorkie who weighs almost 2.5 lbs. Nikki is a 15 year old male Yorkie who is in very good health. He weighs  around 7.5 lbs and is very sweet and loving. Their owner has become ill and is no longer able to care for them, causing them to need a new forever home together. They have been together since Munchkin was little and we will not separate them now, as they are bonded and always looking for each other. Munchkin is very small and therefore we are looking for a home that has small dog experience and no small children. Both love to cuddle on the couch with you, give sweet kisses, relax in the sun, ride well in the car and Nikki gets very excited when he sees a leash. They have been fully vetted and are ready for their new home. If you have any questions please write to kerri@yorkiesinc.com If interested in being considered for the pair please submit an application.


Meet Annie! She is a 6yo pure breed Lakeland Terrier who weighs aprox18-20lbs. She is sweet but can be shy at first. She does well with other dogs but can be dominant so might be better with a male then another female. She loves kids and people once she warms up. She is house trained and will use pee pads as well. We do expect some accidents while adjusting to a new situation. Annie is healthy and will be completely vetted including a dental spay, Micro chipped, and vaccines before being placed. If interested in adopting Annie please submit an application.



Buttercup is a pretty 3 year old female Yorkie who weighs around 7 lbs. When first meeting someone Buttercup is shy but quickly warms up and loves attention.
She gets along well with other dogs in the house but has yet to play with them. She will need some work on house training and leash walking but expect her to
catch on quickly to both. Buttercup has been fully vetted and is ready for her new home. If you have any questions please write to kerri@yorkiesinc.com If
interested in being considered to adopt please submit an application.



Meet Louie! Louie is an adorable 6 year old male Yorkie with a great personality! He weighs 5 lbs and is in good health.  Louie was brought to the MSPCA to be PTS for too many medical reasons; luckily the vet there did not feel it was warranted and they contacted Yorkies Inc to see if we could take him in. We were expecting to get in a sickly dog that needed a lot of medial care instead we got Louie! Louie is far from a sickly dog. All Louie needed was a neuter and updating on vaccines. He lost all of his teeth prior to coming into rescue, most likely due to no prior dental care, but that has not stopped him from being able to eat (which he loves). Louie loves to be with people, always looking to be patted and loved. He enjoys being outside and would love a fenced in yard to roam around in and sun bathe. (Though he is much too small to be left alone!) He gets along well with the other dogs in the house, but as of right now he is not interacting much with them. He does need work on house training and feel that might have been one of the reasons he was turned in. However, since we have had him neutered he is already doing better, but he will need further work. Louie is ready and looking for his new forever home! If you have any questions please write to kerri@yorkiesinc.com If you are interested in being considered for Louie please submit an application.




Nano is looking for a forever home! Nano is a pure bred male Yorkie who weighs 13 1/2lbs and will be turning 6yo in a couple in July. He is healthy up to date on vaccines and neutered. He is good with kids and with other dogs and would likely do best in a home where someone is home more then not. He is house trained but like most yorkies needs to be taken out every 4 hours or so. Nano is crate trained and use to a fenced yard. He does well on a leash without pulling.  He loves toys and chews treats but is not a destructive dog. He can be a bolter, and gets excited, so a fenced yard would work best. He is an active Yorkie so we are looking for a home where he can safely play with another dog or dogs, kids or both! He is use to doggie day care so he'd also be fine in that setting. If interested in Nano please submit an adoption application on line at our website www.YorkiesInc.com  Any question please email Cathie@yorkiesinc.com


Daniel is an adorable 12 week old male puppy who weighs 3.5lbs. Daniel was surrendered by his owner due to him limping and holding up his back left leg. Daniel went to Tufts and Daniel will be needing two surgeries on his back leg as he has both a hip and knee problem. He will be having FHO hip surgery soon which should help relieve the discomfort he is in and make his hip as good as new, but will need to wait till he is bigger for knee surgery. Please consider making a donation to Daniel's veterinary care as it will be quite costly. All friends of Daniel will be listed. Thank you.
UPDATE: 3/27/14: Daniel had his surgery yesterday and did well. The surgery was pretty extensive...his leg bone was rotated 90% and his patella (knee) was completely off. Because of this his leg was quite constricted. Tissue had to be cut and released at both the hip and the knee area. Bone was cut a bit at the knee to allow Dr Kochin to re-align everything. Wires and pins were used to secure everything in the newly restructured position. This should allow for better range of motion and a functioning leg. Recovery and time will tell. Thank you all for the positive thoughts, prayers, well wishes  and donations!! Please keep them coming as he recovers. Surgery costs us just under 3000.00
UPDATE:4/30/14: Daniel is doing remarkably well. He is starting to use the leg more and more and at his recheck Dr Kochin was very pleased with the outcome and his progress so far. He has one more recheck in 4 weeks and then he should be ready for adoption! We have not come close to his donations to what his surgery has cost us so please consider a small donation. Thanks
5/23/2014: Daniel had his final re-check with the surgeon on Thursday and Dr Kochin is very happy with his progress! He said we should continue to see steady improvement over the next 6 months as he grows stronger. Daniel is completely vetted and is now 6 months old. He weighs about 4lbs and should weigh maybe 6lbs full grown. He plays well with other pups his size and he's doing great with house training. He will use a pee pad as long as it's in close proximity and will also go outside. Daniel is now ready for adoption! If interested in adopting please submit an adoption application. Any questions please email Cathie@yorkiesinc.com

6/19/2014: Daniel is now 7 months old weighs just 4 lbs. He has recovered nicely and continues to improve each day. he is now ready for his forever home!! He loves to play with other dogs his size and his fully house trained to a pee pad if contained to an area or to go outside if taken regularly.

Friends of "Daniel"
$1135.00 raised

Diane Soditis
Gail Layne
Brenda & Walter Bissonette-Cwiek & "Mollie & Sasha"
Maureen Drewniany in memory of "Boss"
Janice Tomlin
Dan & Margie Vettese in memory of of "Sarah"
Howard Rand
Louise & Jim Thomas
Richard Rosenstein & Jody Abrams
Ruth Molin & Lisa Geis
Ruth Rietveld-Kirwan
Audrey Reed

Eileen Moss
Janice Beaman
Bob and Frannie Hildreth in memory of our beautiful "Coco"
Lisa Hermenau
Natalia Loseva
"Abby" & "Sirius"
Gail Layne
Lauren & Robert Chotalal
Arlene Swirsky


Lola & Livy


Meet Lola & Livy two 5yo female Yorkies that are litters mates and recently retired by the breeder, These two 6lb darling girls have always been together and do very well as a pair...we hate to break them up now! We find them snuggling in a bed and romping and exploring together often. These two girls are sweet and easy pups. They will need a bit of reinforcement on house training if not contained to an area. Both are healthy and fully vetted including spay, dental, micro chip, heartworm and Lyme tested and all vaccines. Lola and Livy are ready for their new home. If interested in adopting please submit an adoption application. Any questions please email Cathie@Yorkiesinc.com
3/14: Lola & Livy are pee pad trained and will also go outside if the weather is mild. Livy loves to play with other playful pups. Lola is more low key. Both love being close to the fireplace Livy can watch it for hours. Both love human attention as well. What can we say these two are perfect pups!!



Timi is an adorable 6 month old male full bred Yorkie who weighs about 3lbs. He was surrendered to us from his breeder because he was  small and not acting right,...showing possible signs of Liver shunt. We took him in and immediately put him on a low protein diet and head a Bile Acids test done. The results seemed off but not conclusive for Liver shunt so we will be retesting him in the next couple weeks. Since with us he has shown now signs what so ever and has actually gained some weight and is enjoying playing with the other puppies. We are continuing his diet until we can retest him. If you are interested in Timi when he is ready please submit an adoption application. Any questions please email Cathie@yorkiesinc.com We will be looking for a home with another small dog or two to play with.
 4/30/2014: Timi is now weighing about 4lbs he's a happy boy and is much stronger, but we are still at a loss of what was causing his problems. We have retested Timi's Bile Acids test and it was still abnormal. In order to try to find out what could be causing this we did an ultrasound which also proved inconclusive for a liver shunt or other possible causes. It was recommended that we do an exploratory surgery with the hopes of finding and repairing a single extra hepatic shunt or confirm a Micro Vascular Dysplasia or to rule out both. This surgery is schedule with our specialist Dr Kochin for May 9th. Because this surgery could cost up to $3000. and because of expenses already incurred we need to ask for donations to help us cover his expenses. Please consider making a donation and becoming a "Friend" to Timi. All friends will be listed below. Thank you!
UPDATE 4/13/2014: Timi did in fact have a single extra hepatic shunt! Dr Kochin was able to get an ameroid constrictor around it and he has been repaired. He was also neutered an 6 retained baby teeth were also removed while he was under anesthesia. He did very well an was released from the hospital yesterday. He is eating fine and looks very good...he's in great spirits! He will have a recheck on May 22 and have staples removed.
UPDATE 5/23/2014: Timi had his final re-check with Dr Kochin and he is doing very well! He is ready for adoption!! He will remain on a low protein diet for the next 3 months and then the Bile Acid test (blood test) will be repeated to be sure his protein levels are in a normal range. He is ready to go to his new home and we will be covering the repeat of the Bile Acids test. Timi is a sweet little guy who maybe weighs 4lbs. We expect him to be no more then 5lbs full grown if that. We will be looking for a home that will be careful with his diet for the up coming months. He would also love another small dog to play with. If interested in adopting Timi please submit an adoption application. If you have any questions please email Cathie@yorkiesinc.com

Friends of "Timi"
$400.00 raised

Brenda & Walter Bissonette-Cwiek & "Mollie & Sasha"
Diane Soditis
Louise & Jim Thomas
Eileen Moss
Ruth Rietveld-Kirwan
Melissa Derrick
Resa Porter
Ruth Molin & Lisa Geis
Bridget Calabretta
Diane Leal



TT is a beautiful two year old female Yorkie who weighs almost 4 lbs. TT was going to be a show dog but she is too small and very shy when first meeting someone. TT loves to play with other small dogs her size and therefore we want her new home to have another small dog as a playmate. Once comfortable TT has a very outgoing personality loving to give tons of big kisses, playing with toys and other dogs, running around and also cuddling on the couch when she is done. TT is pretty well pee pad trained and will go outside if taken however she will most likely need some reinforcement in her new home. TT loves running in a fenced yard and will need some work walking on a leash. TT loves to ride in the car and readily jumps in a dog bag with her foster siblings to go.  If you would like to be considered for TT please submit an application.  Any questions please write to kerri@yorkiesinc.com



This sweet little girl is Bobbie, a 5lbs, 5yo bundle of fun. She loves everyone and everything, hasn't meant a stranger yet! Sadly, this little one has a severe luxating patella that causes her to hold her rear leg up all the time. This doesn't stop her from doing anything she wants to do including doing stairs and getting on a favorite spot on the sofa. But we have X-rayed her and had her seen by our orthopedic specialist and she is a very good candidate to have this repaired and do well. She is otherwise completely healthy an once she is ready for adoption will make a wonderful little companion. She will be going in for the patella repair on May 9th the same day as Timi. We are in dire need of donations for all these surgeries these pups have needed. Please consider making a donation to one or more. Your name will be listed as a "Friend" to that pup!
UPDATE 5/13/2014: Bobbie had her surgery at all went very well! It was a bit trickier then originally thought. Once her knee was placed in the right position it was determined that the ligaments were too short to compensate. Dr Kochin performed a procedure that lengthened the ligaments around the knee. The result looks great and she is already touching her foot down. Because of this her recovery will be a bit longer to insure she doesn't do any damage to the knee while it heals in this new position. She is being penned for the next 8 weeks! She's not so happy about that but we are thrilled that in the end she will have a functioning leg!

6/18/14: Bobbie is almost ready to be placed in her new home.....we expect it to be within the next two weeks! This is one of Bobbie's favorite things to do...carry her baby around in her mouth! She loves toys! Bobbie does well with other dogs but could easily go as an only for someone who is home and wants a close companion. If interested in adopting please submit your adoption application now.

Friends of "Bobbie"
$935.00 raised

Brenda & Walter Bissonette-Cwiek & "Mollie & Sasha"
Diane Soditis
Sallie Changery
Resa Porter
Janice Beaman
Cathy Sansonetti in honor of "Winston's" Birthday
Kim's Grooming
 Rich Rosenstein & Jody Abrams
Eileen Moss
Harvard Pilgrim Health Care~ Mini Grant
Laura Cavilla
Ruth Molin & Lisa Geis
Cheryl Funchion
Doris Toohey


Jelly Bean is an 8 month old Yorkie and weighs 6lb.  He came in with his brother Bear.  Jelly Bean is up to date on all vaccines, neutered and has been micro chipped.   Both are doing excellent on house training but will need some work on leash walking. They love to run and explore the fenced in yard. Jelly Bean is out going and more sure of himself. He likes to play with the other pups in the house.  We would love to see him to go a home with another dog so he can play.  If interested in Jelly Bean  please fill out an application. If you have any questions you can email their foster mom kgreene@yorkiesinc.com


  Bear is an 8 month old Yorkie and weighs 5 1/2 lbs. He came in with his brother Jelly Bean. Bear is up to date on all vaccines, neutered and has been micro- chipped.   Both are doing excellent on house training but will need some work on leash walking. They love to run and explore the fenced in yard. Bear is a little skittish and will take time to settle in to his new home. He likes to sit in your lap and give you kisses. He follows the other dogs in the house so a home with another dog would be great. If interested in Bear please fill out an application.  If you have any questions you can email their foster mom Kgreene@yorkiesinc.com

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 Chito is looking for his forever home!  Chito is a Chihuahua mix who weighs 7lbs and is 4 yrs old.  He is healthy, up to date on vaccines and neutered. He loves to go for a walk and does well on a leash without pulling.  He loves to cuddle on the couch with you, gives sweet kisses, and rides well in the car. He is good with other small dogs if introduced properly.  He is afraid of larger dogs and will attack them out of fear.  He would likely do best as an only dog where someone is home more often than not. He will need help with house training while getting used to his new home.  If you think you can give Chito the love and attention is so deserves please email Kim at thomasderocher@comcast.net


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The pups of Yorkies Inc. have been so blessed with some of the most loving and loyal supporters! We were asked how you could help on a more regular basis so "Our Monthly Supporters" was started. We can't thank you enough for this continued support! These monthly donations allows us to always be there for a pup; be it extreme medical concerns, very old or neglected or behavioral issues that always go above and beyond normal vetting expenses. If you who would like to help with monthly donations be it in memory of a loved one or otherwise please use the PayPal button below by selecting your monthly amount and clicking "Subscribe" Your name will be added. Thank you!

Ruth Molin & Lisa Geis
Shirley Geis & "Simi"
Stanbridge College
Nazi Masoum ~ In memory of "Cupid"
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Tracey Roselli
Louise & Jim Thomas
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 Liver Shunt is a condition that we see far too often in Yorkies and Maltese pups. Because of this we felt we should give you all more background on this dreadful condition that is become more prevalent in our beloved breeds. Below is a link to some success stories including Bella who came into Yorkies Inc in early February 2006. She is now known as "Paisley" Please take the time to read her story and that of the other Liver Shunt Survivors. Through this link you can also find other links for more info on Liver Shunt's and what it means to the pup and the owner. We'd like to thank a good friend Stephen Glass for featuring Paisley and getting the word out about Liver shunts.  

founder Yorkies Inc.,

Cathie Cyr

Paisley/Liverhttp://livershunt.net/ Shunt

"Saving the life of one dog may not change the world, but the world will surely change for that one dog"

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