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The Bindi Fund

The Bindi Fund was established in memory of our little Bindi to help pay for life saving liver shunt surgeries for pups coming into . The Bindi Fund also helps defray the cost of surgery for other special needs pups when needed.

Read Bindi's story below........
In memory of Bindi

Please use this special Donate button to contribute to the Bindi Fund and help our special needs pups. Remember all donations are tax deductible.

Bindi came into on Sept 16th 2006 as a tiny 2.7 lb, 6 month old Yorkie puppy, she was a “failure to thrive” pup and was having trouble gaining weight and seemed to be a fussy eater. She did not exhibit the classic signs of Liver Shunt, but with nowhere else to look for an answer she was Bile Acid tested and worst fears were realized. A Bile Acid test is a series of blood tests to determine Liver function, this is the first step in diagnosing Liver Shunt. Once her Bile Acid test came back very high she was scheduled for an ultrasound, this then confirmed the diagnosis. The ultrasound showed she had what is called Portosystemic shunt (PSS). But in an ironic sense, we felt that she was actually lucky as she had just a single extra-hepatic shunt which can be corrected surgically. This is the most common type of shunt seen in Yorkshire Terriers. She was scheduled to have her shunt repaired as we had done in the past with two other shunt pups...both very successful. Bindi would follow the same course and see the same surgeon at the same hospital. Like the other two she came through the surgery fine just as expected. Then, after just two days complications set in and she died suddenly without any explanation. It was an extreme shock that we will never forget. Her passing left us empty and numb. Such a sweet little pup that everyone had done everything in their power for, and still this was not enough to keep her here with us.

We still have so many unanswered questions but we strongly believe everything is for a reason and what happened to Bindi is no exception. She did not pass this way to simply be forgotten. She had a purpose to have been with us. Maybe that purpose was to help other Liver Shunt pups that may come this way. And so the Bindi Fund has been established in her memory. This fund will be used to pay for the life saving Liver Shunt surgery of pups coming into . in the future. When we took in Bindi, we had just done 2 Liver Shunt surgeries within 7 months. With our very small budget, we had no funds left and had to resort to pleading for help and/or use a credit card. Our hopes are that with this fund in place, the monies will be set aside for just such surgeries in the future. Bindi is our reminder of just how precious and fragile these little lives can be, and how much they need our help to have a chance. Many, many tears were shed by those who cared about Bindi the days following her untimely death.... we wanted to give her a chance to LIVE in our memories and in those pups she will now have a chance to help!
Those helping Bindi help other Liver Shunt pups will be recognized below for one full year.

Annette Bradley
in memory if "Penelope" Chotalal

Sonya May
in Loving memory of a Gentle Soul

John Folckemer

Happy Spring!
Bob & Judy DeMoura

Ron & Donna Smith

Marlene Denney
and New York Bus Sales
in memory of
John Henry Folckemer
  Margaret, Shirley, Stan & Harry Matteson
                  in memory of
John Folckemer
         Dave, Linette & Derick Buckley
                 in memory of
John Folckemer

William & Joann Lyons
in memory of
John Folckemer

Happy Birthday Tara Sandler
...and many more!
Sue Fountain

      Harvard Pilgrim HealthCare Mini Grant
               in memory of "Mari"
                  Laura Cavilla

Wendy Lowe
in memory of
 Pat & Jill Cormier's
"Georgie Page"

Anne and Andy Vail
in memory of Ellen LaFemina

        Maureen Drewniany & Gary Andrews
             in memory of Simon & Boss

Dan & Pat Kelly
in loving memory of "Bailey"

        In memory of Daniel Quintiliani
             From Tony Masseroni

           Robert Hunt & Karen Bartolomei

 A Dog's Day Away
DayCare for Small Dogs

        Laura & Rick Cavilla
                 in memory of Mari

                     Merry Christmas
              Tom, Jill & "Bailey" Garvey

Merry Christmas
 John, Gail, Jennifer & "Bambi"
            Bob Rosati & Alewife Co. Inc
                  Christmas 2017

                  Michelle Goldthwaite
              in memory of Deirdre Dickson

David & Linda Gilbert & Family
  Christmas donation 2017

     Harvard Pilgrim HealthCare Foundation
                     Mini Grant  
                    Laura Cavilla

Bob & Judy DeMoura
                 Merry Christmas 2017

Dawn Boon

David & Linda Gilbert & Family
in loving memory of
William Smith

                        Kim Condon
                      in memory of
                Antonia's "Pippa" & "Penny"

To Ben & Diane Backus
In Memory of "Bailey"
from Brian Lessin

Cale Sebald, DO & Rael Orao
In Loving Memory of "Nikki" 2016

         In honor of Izzy Antonelli's 17th Birthday!
                Kimberly Allard Moccia

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