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Forever Foster

A note about our Forever Fosters

Yorkies Inc has always provided the best veterinary care and done the absolute most to insure that each pup has been given every opportunity to be well, rehabilitated and placed in their own forever home. However, we have found that at times even with these wonderful homes it is not fair to expect someone to take on the emotional and financial responsibility of a terminal pup or a dog with extremely high expenses with an unsure future that may need continuous care and monitoring.  With these rare circumstances in mind we have started our "Forever Foster" program.  These very special pups will remain in their foster homes and be cared for and loved for life. Their medical expenses will covered by Yorkies Inc and the foster home will be providing the physical care and emotional well being, along with all the treats, toys, family time and most importantly, love.

If you would like to become a special part of one these little pupsí lives please consider becoming a Sponsor. A Sponsor can make monetary donations or provide supplies for their use in the Forever Foster Home. All monetary and material donations will go to the particular Forever Foster pup specified. As a Sponsor your name will be listed under the pup you choose to help. If you have felt helpless before with being unable to adopt, or unable to have the time to care for a rescue, for whatever reason, but would like to help, now is your chance to become a Sponsor. Our little pups depend on you!

If you prefer to mail a check or money order send to the address below.
Be sure to include the name of the pup you want to sponsor.

Yorkies Inc.

80 Theresa St.

Taunton, MA.02780

In Memory of "Cupid" our first "Forever Foster"


If you can not adopt a homeless pup, please consider sponsoring one. Our Forever Fosters need care too!


Tinsel came into Yorkies Inc with no known information about his past except that he was found outside severely matted and thin. While we don't know his story it is obvious that at some point in time someone was not nice to Tinsel causing him to have some fear aggression. While Tinsel has come to trust his foster Mom he still will not let anyone else pat him or hold him. It has been over two years since Yorkies Inc took Tinsel in and at this point for his sake we feel that it is only fair for him to remain with the one person he has bonded with. Tinsel will now be a forever foster and remain with his foster Mother.

Polka Dot

Polka Dot is our second AAI pup to become a Forever Foster. She like Pixie has other issue that make her even more compromised then just her C1 and C2 vertebrae luxation. She has a rib deformity as well. She spent over two years in our foster care program waiting for the right situation as a forever home. Because of her own going medical expenses and her fragile condition the right home just wasn't found. In the time that she's been with us she and Pixie bonded and we feel it's best to keep them together as the wonderful companions they are to each other.



Pixie came to us in March of 2015. She was just 8 months old and was having problems walking. We took her to Tufts in Grafton to see both an internal specialist and a neurologist. After both Xrays and MRI it was discovered that little Pixie had AAI or Atlanto Axial Subluxation/Instability. This meant either a very risky surgery even for an average sized Yorkie or she lives her life in a neck brace. After seeing two other neurologists to hear their opinions, it was decided that she was doing so well in the neck brace that we would not pursue surgery. Part of this decision was based her size (just 1.7lbs full grown) and the fact she had other skeletal abnormalities. This included shortened ribs on her right side and multiple holes in the back of her skull...possibly an injury that caused the AAI. She also has an elongated soft palate that sometimes makes her breathing labored. Her spirit is in true Yorkie fashion and she has a wonderful personality despite all she has been dealt. Pixie is now almost 3 years old and has waited a long time to find her perfect forever home. While during this time Pixie has settled in nicely and is doing well in her foster home, there have been continued concerns about her breathing and overall health which has made her in need of a constant watchful eye. Because she continues to be such a fragile pup and will always require special care and attention it has been decided that Pixie will remain with us at Yorkies Inc. as a "Forever Foster".


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~ Please consider sponsoring one of our forever fosterss and becoming a part of thieir story.

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