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Hi Kerri, Maurice is doing fabulous settling in and our bonding continues. He is a very sweet boy.  He is quite the jumper and we find him jumping everywhere. His legs are longer than any one of my other yorkies so we are learning not to leave papers and magazines on the coffee table unless we want them shredded :). Love him so much. Will send more pics after his grooming on Friday. He will be my sweet valentine :) Thank you for everything!

 Lola & Livy

Hi Cathie, It was nice meeting you and John yesterday!  Iím about to head off for work, but wanted to give you a report on how the girls are doing.  Lola seems right at home, at ease exploring and following us around.  Poor Livy is nervous on the hardwood floors.  She feels she has to move fast and hasnít realized that if she slows down sheíll be fine. The floors donít bother Lola in the least.  Is your home carpeted?  Right now Livy is staying on the family room rug where she feels safe.  Jim and I have quietly and gently coaxed her off the rug using a few cheerios, but she scoots right back to the rug. Weíll work on it slowly.  They slept together in their bed last night, no problem whatsoever.  I put their pads near their bed and they went on it during the night.  Where can I purchase more of the washable pads? They donít seem to realize what the disposable pads are for.  A few accidents, but weíll get the hang of it. Iíve decided to return the car seat I purchased and showed you yesterday and would prefer to buy a larger crate for when the two are in the car.  I feel they will be safer with a crate belted in. They are both such loves!  Will send pics, but have to dash! I do have some questions and will be in touchÖMany thanks!

1/30/15:Hi Cathie, The girls are adjusting to the size of the house, know where to go for their water in the kitchen from the family room and have also successfully "powdered their noses" several times outside.  We won't mention any "accidents" because I feel like we won megabucks with these girls and that will pass (no pun intended,) I feel we are quickly getting in sync with one another, love them both so much!  Their little jackets are adorable, you were so generous with all the nice things you gave us to start our life together!  I'm so grateful for your wonderful care and compassion, thank you for everything! Nikki xo

Hi Cathie, By all means, please mark Lola and Livy as adopted!  They have restored my heart to a happy state.  Even though it has just been a couple of days with these beautiful little souls, we  are family now! I have made a vet appointment on Feb 5.  I'm sure Dr. Mansfield will be thrilled to see them.  I will let you know how that goes. Two of our boys are coming to see the new additions to the family this weekend, very excited! Have a nice weekend...go Pats! Nikki



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