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Happy Tails 2017

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Good morning,Our first night went well. She is very sweet and playful. She is a snuggler at night. She slept between us last night. Sammy and Charlie started playing last night. A game of chase and tug of war. We are going for our first car ride this morning. They are really funny together. They get each other barking at just about anything. I know you must miss her. It is so easy to attach. That's why we have our fur babies. We will keep in touch.
 Hi Kerri, I was just going to give you an update. She is wonderful. She is so playful and loving. Sammy and Charlie are getting along great. She has met a lot of her dog cousins and loves them all!  She is so smart. We have been working on the come command and she comes running. Especially because she knows she gets a treat and a lot of praise. Chad taught her down. We are also working on wait at the door before going in and out. She does not like it when anyone leaves. I had to go in to the office for a meeting yesterday and she grabbed my pant leg. She gets very upset. I know this will take a little bit of time. We just love her so much. I will check in again next week. She is meeting our vet on 8/13 for a meet and greet. Thank you for her. ♥😊



Hi Kerri, Teddy is doing really well! He is eating well and no issues eating in the same room with the others. He is getting along with them too, no problems. He lets my husband and I know when he wants to be picked up and more! When is the adoption final...he is already a part of our family! Thanks for everything!




Hi, We are doing good and Ozzie has settled right in. He likes the couch for his daytime snoozes and sleeps with me at night. He has plenty of up and go which has helped him loose some weight. He has already lost a couple pounds! He is eating good and is great company for me. Even the rain doesn't stop him if he needs to go out. I had the fenced in area mowed and he loves being outside. Thank you for everything.


Hi Kerri, Pearl is fitting in well with her two new siblings! She pretends to be shy but they both know she is the one in charge. She loves car rides, specifically sleeping during them and all the attention she gets at the Dunkin’ Donuts drive thru. She gets to come to work every day and shares the role of Chief Morale Officer with her brother. We are all so happy she fits in. We are working on walks. She is a fan of short walks and will let you know when she is tired normally buy laying down to nap sometimes no matter where she is. She is such a good dog we are all so happy she joined our family. Thank you for everything...
~Amanda, Daisy, Bosco & Pearl.






Hi Kerri, Had to share....Scooter let me and Dylan give him a little haircut today! Didn't want to traumatize him with a groomer visit just yet.

Kerri, he has made such beautiful progress these past 3 weeks. His sweeter side is so much more evident. I never would have imagined he'd let me clip him. I know he is going to be just fine. Day by day..... thank you and I'll always keep you posted as I know you truly care. If dogs could talk I think he would have lovely things to say about you. I believe you saved him! Thanks Kerri, you touched our hearts and gave us a great little friend in the form of a feisty, scruffy little dog named Scooter!


Maui now Tuukka

Tuukka is doing great in his new home! He is such a character and we love him so much. He was just what we needed after loosing our little boy over a year ago. Tuukka has helped fill that void that I didn’t think would be possible. It was worth waiting over a year for the perfect match. Thank you Yorkies Inc
The Fraser’s



Hazelnut & Peanut


Hi Kerrianne, We have had a really great first 24 hrs together. The weather let the pups be able explore the yard. They love Libby. When they see her they both are giving her kisses . Gracie has not been fazed by them, They will sniff her and then go play. I think they were a little nervous last night . Peanut slept on my chest and Hazelnut was cuddled up next to me.  We're all enjoying them. They are so much fun. I will send pictures to your cell phone as soon as I get good ones. (that'll probably be when my daughters take them, I don't take good pictures) Thanks so much for the pups , They're perfect .



Bob w/Lucky & Linda w/Kami

Hi Cathie, Today is day 9 in my new home with the Marshes and I want you to know that I am very happy. I have found several favorite spots to call my own. I like to go on the end of the sofa at my moms feet when we hang out in the living room and when we are in the porch I lie on the foot stool which has a nice soft snuggle. I sleep at night in my new bed next to Dad. It took a few nights for Lucky and I to get that down but were good now. Lucky showed me all the ins and outs and I can do them now on my own. My Dad walks us every day and Mom came today and noticed how good I am on the leash. I have let them know that I really like to play fetch with my green bone and I can't wait for the spring so the fence will be repaired and we can get out there and do some serious running. Mom and Dad get a big kick out of the way I talk to them in my low gravel tone growel. The cat and I are still working on our relationship and seems to be getting better everyday. I have even convinced Lucky to eat the same food as I eat and she likes it so far. It's better for her and make things easier on all. Mom had her IPad open yesterday and was on your website. I noticed that under my picture and bio that it said "Adoption Pending" so I just thought I would let you know I have tried my best to make a good impression so that they would keep me ! I think it's working as I heard Dad on the phone with the town clerk and Red dog Inn to make sure he had everything needed to get me a license and a day of beauty care. I hope you are pleased and I will be checking on line and look forward to day I see that pending updated to Adopted ;-) I hope to hear from you soon and thanks for hooking me up!
Love Kami!!

I called the town hall to see if they would accept the vet documents that you gave me for her license and they said no problem so should be all set. It seems like we have had her since she was a pup ! She's got everything down and it is quite the treat to have her on board as a new member of our family! Our pets are so much a part of our lives and we LOVE them So MUCH! Thanks again

Yara & Tootie

Good Morning Cathie and Kathy, I am blessed with yet another snow day to bond with these amazing pups!! We are having so much fun! The girls are settling in beautifully.  They follow me everywhere I go and their playful nature is now emerging. We play and snuggle and run together.  We even built a snowman and watched several movies all together. Tiffany has been very good.  The girls are still a bit intimidated by her.  But all is fine and I know they will all be good friends. I can’t thank you enough for blessing me with these lovely girls.  I am so excited to spend more and more time with them.  Thank you for all of your advice too.  I will keep them healthy and loved!  They have a vet appointment set for the end of month and a grooming after that. I would love to stay connected with you both and support your wonderful work with these amazing dogs!! with gratitude,

Jacqui and Jerry



Soooo happy with our sweet baby. THANK YOU. Our daughter is coming home from NY. to meet her. She went to the vet for her check up yesterday and all looked good. Her teeth had lots of tartar even though they were just cleaned several months ago. But other than taking care of that we LOVE her❤. Sherry has been great. Hoping to stay in touch with her and get together when it gets warm. We love your organization and have told many people about it. We hope to have many years with our new baby. Thanks 





Hi Kerri, Bowen is doing great. He’s doing great with his house training and loves the snow.  We just think he’s so funny, he’s such a character. We love him, picture to follow. He has an appointment with the vet on Saturday just to be checked. Just wanted to let you know. 
Bob and Phil


Cashew & Macadamia

Deb w/Mia & Janet w/Cash





Hi Cathie. She played with Theo yesterday and they enjoy walking together. She loves going on the leash that's in our front yard with him too. She slept well in her crate all night. Just cried for 15 minutes but we remained tough on her. So far so good.  She slept all night in her crate (cried for 15 minutes then was done). Perked up a lot late afternoon and Theo "taught" her his favorite fetch game and how  he drops the ball down the stairs for us. They love walking together. Is she house trained?  She has about 5 accidents in the house yesterday but i think it was excitement. If not just give me a heads up so we know to train her. It seemed to only happen when she was excited so probably what it is. Ill send a video of them playing. 


Theo and Yoko have been playing for about 20 minutes. They were chasing each other earlier. They also went to my neighbors fenced in yard and played with their 2 dogs. I think they will sleep good tonight!

11/3: OMG. They played for 1 1/2 hours last night. Chasing, wrestling, tug. I have NEVER seen Theo play like that. They both looked so happy. Jealousy from Theo is  no longer an issue too. It is so much fun!



Hello, Cathie, I couldn't resist this update.....after you left, Rufus settled into his bed with your  blanket. Before he jumped in, I took his diaper off, had the pee pads down, and then he jumped into my lap.  I pet him for a bit, didn't hold tight in case he wanted to be free, and he stayed on my lap.  Then he settled into his bed.  I went out for a little over an hour to Ocean State, picked up he new doggie palace, see photo attached, and well, there he is, calm, quiet, and I think a bit pooped from the day. He was calm as I came and went from the kitchen. He has not barked once....
I will update you again tomorrow and see how the night goes.  I bought a pooch purse, looks just like a tote with netting and a zip closure on top.  Can't wait to we are ready to use it. 
Cathie, thank you so much for all the wonderful information, tips, and especially your dedication and love to these needy innocent canine souls.  Till tomorrow......
Kathy Clark
Hi, Cathie! Well, lil Rufus is a dream!!! Not a peep, stayed in his palace. He had BM on the pee pad overnight, but, I noticed he peed on the bed you provided.  He did it twice, so I had to wash it. Yesterday after you left, we went out into the yard and he peed twice, gave treats and right back inside. Today I was up around 6:30am, and took him outside, peed like a good boy, lots of praise and treats.  So, I am doing this every other hour. The second time out, he had a major BM outside, lots of pees as he sniffed around the yard.  The little Pom upstairs is a male, and I think he goes in the grass outside so that helps little Rufus. The third time out, he went back to the same spots, and when he came back in, I put the diaper on and let him run in the house.  He had a blast!  So happy! Jumping into my lap and even gave kisses. He is at my feet most of the time, so after about an hour of play and investigating, we went out again, good boy, and back in for a rest, back to the kitchen. He does not bark!! Even when the kids upstairs trudged in! He's so laid back, but alert and super smart.  I love him soooooo much!  I cannot believe my luck Cathie!  So, what is the name of the spray for his teeth?  I am about to order his food online and the rose geranium, since we seem to be getting good at being on the leash for pees!  Thanks for checking in and I will keep you posted on our progress!
Hi, Cathie, We are progressing nicely, moving in the right direction.  He pooped twice outside yesterday and no poop on the pad overnight last night and went as soon as we got outside this morning. So, he seems to be holding it until we go out. At least, it seems that way.  But, he is still missing the pads with his pee overnight. Seems to be marking in the same place (close to his second bed, near the radiator) even after I used a Clorox clean up. So, I need to address that somehow. One thing last night I noticed, though he may have done it the first night and I was too sound asleep to hear. A low moan, almost like he was going to 'mooooo" or even howl, but, he did it a couple of times. He was out of his crate, sitting by the barricade. He only did it a couple of times.  Could be he heard the Pom upstairs, barking, for 2 hours straight at 3 am.  He kept me awake.  I don't know how they stand it, it must keep everyone up there awake. So, after he comes in from his major outing, I put the diaper on and let him roam around. Today, he was more tentative about coming into the living room. Dashed into the bathroom and my bedroom, jumped around for just 2 minutes and booked it back to the kitchen. I called him and he stayed in the kitchen. I went into the kitchen, he jumped up and I carried him into the living room and held him on my lap where he rolled on his back and let me pet his tummy and he fell asleep.  But, then back to the kitchen and into his crate, rolling around.  It's still his safe haven and  I will let him take it slowly as he gets comfy with the space.   I'll check in later!
Hi, Cathie,
Still making progress.  I forgot to tell you one of my girlfriends stopped by yesterday evening and he went right up to her, sniffed, wagged his tail.  Very curious. He does not bark.  But, he's alert, hears everything,  yet calm, and collected.
We just came in from our evening walk around the yard. Good boy all around. He's getting used to going out often. No poops in the house since day one. Let him have run of the house with his diaper on, came into the bathroom while I showered, but, is still not fully comfortable coming into the living room unless I pick him up and put him on my lap. He stayed on my lap on his back for a full hour while I pet his tummy.  He was on Cloud 10! 
CHat tomorrow.  Hope all is well with you!
f I'm not being too premature, I think we can say this is a done deal. He seems so happy.  Soooo affectionate! He jumps in my lap, rubsI his face all over, rolling around in my lap. Giving more kisses. Still does not bark. Quiet last night. Eats so fast, he scares me. When I came home from work this morning, he had used the pads, pees only,  missed, but always in the same spot. We were outside for a good 30 minutes, pees only. I stayed out long waiting for the poo, but, I guess he didn't have to do it. Came in, and fully expected him to poo indoors  but he didn't.  Just went out again after his dinner, and big poo outside.  Good boy! Our routine is, right after his major poo outside, his nappy goes on and I give him run of the house. Slowly getting comfy.  I'm not pushing him. Just allowing him to quietly sniff around. Keeps returning to home base, but, comes back into the dining room, living room to investigate.   Thanks, again, Cathie.  I'm so very happy with this little guy......
Kathy Clark

Oliver & Donny

The boys are settling down nicely. I brought out a bunch of puppy beds and we had a slumber party in the living room. We all took a little siesta! After napping together we pretty much all became best friends....

10/16:They did wonderful!!! I'm amazed at how comfortable they are here! You'd think they'd been living here a year. No anxiety, no barking; it's great! Donny has given me his trust and now wants to be held continuously. Oliver is doing better with Munchie and loves to be cuddled! Also, my parents are already in love with the boys from their pictures (did I mention they're over the top animal lovers?) and want to replace our fence as a housewarming gift for them! 

10/18: Cathie,  We had another good night together. We had a slumber party again and slept on the living room floor. At around 5 am Donny got out of bed and starting circling by the back door. I got up, took him out and he pooped! It was so exciting!! And now the neighbors think I’m crazy because I was dancing and singing with a dog in my pajamas. Oliver has got pooping outside figured out now as of this morning. However, he will come inside and immediately pee on the pee pad. I don’t want to discourage that behavior because he is being good using the pee pad. I’m just waiting till he pees outside and we’ll do a big celebration.
 They play so sweetly together and snuggle in their beds together when they’re tired. It’s so joyful to watch. They are both extremely loving lap dogs and give tons of kisses. Donny has completely come out of his shell, and they both turn me to putty.

0/19: Good evening Cathie, So today was the first time the boys were left alone. I went to work for my 12 hour shift, but Brian came home in the afternoon. They did great!  I blocked off the back hallway/bathroom area of the main floor with a baby gate and filled it with beds, toys, water, and pee pads. They used their pee pads and had no accidents and Brian said they seemed happy and stress free when he let them out. They slept well through the night, this time in our bedroom on the floor with me. In the morning they followed me to the bathroom and sat in a dog bed while I got ready. After they get more practice with the puppy stairs, we’ll be ready to try sleeping in the bed. I was so happy to come home from work and be greeted with sloppy puppy kisses. I ordered the Artemis food and extra pee pads on amazon prime. I’m hoping they get here before the weekend!!
Xoxo, Lori

10/31:Hi Cathie! The boys are doing great! They had their wellness exams and are fit as fiddles. They made quite an impression at the vet’s office... everyone was quite taken with their sweet faces, and we gave our permission to put their pics on the office website. Munchie is obsessed with her new brothers already, especially Oliver. She will let him lick her face, which blows me away. And she is also sleeping in the bed with us, so our bed is very happy and crowded! I’ve started on night shift already and I think it’s been great for the boys to always have someone at home. I’m surprised at how quickly they’ve settled into their surroundings. My in laws visited this past weekend and they were perfectly comfortable with house guests. We’re still working on potty training and teaching the baby what he can and can’t chew, but we’re very happy and we know we’ve made the right choice in adopting two pups. Here’s a pic of them at their vet visit...


Thank you so much for the beautiful addition to our family.  We couldn't of asked for a more perfect dog.  Jewel is loving and so cuddly.  She adores being the center of our attention.  In turn, we love giving her all of this attention.  This is the most gentleness dog I have ever had. We just returned from our vet with an A+.  The staff in the office just fell in love with her.  They are so happy for Tom and myself that you blessed us with this beautiful dog.
When asked about our dog, all I have to say that her name says it all.  She is a true Jewel. Thank you so much for making our family complete again.
Tom and Mary Jane McDougall 



Hi, We adopted Theo little over a month ago from his foster mom, Kerri, at Yorkies placement service. We had been reading about him and following up on his progress through Pet Finders since the beginning of the year when he was saved by Yorkies Inc. after he was hit by a car. We fell in love with him instantly when we saw his pictures and what he had endured. When he came to meet us with his foster mom, Kerri, it was love at first sight and I knew from that day that I wanted him to be part of our family. Although he is afraid of meeting new people and noises he is starting to learn to overcome these things and that we are always there for him and love him dearly. He walks twice a day, enjoys playing and riding in the car.  When he is not doing these he enjoys snuggling up with us on the couch. Since my husband is home all day with him he calls him his buddy! We are so thankful that we had the opportunity to adopt him and that he will be able to live a long happy life with us!

Nancy & David

Update:9/24/17:Hi Kerri, He is doing much better with eating! I read the flyer that you gave me on what add ins I can use. He usually cleans his bowl.  He is the highlight of our day! He loves to walk, play and cuddle with both of us! He also loves to ride in the car! Just trying to work on his paws
getting wiped when wet. He is usually patience with brushing him also. I will bring him by the groomers and see when she wants to trim him. She had
said to hold off for awhile until he gets used to everything. She also does dog training so we are going to have some lessons. Has he been to a
groomer and if so ,did he have any fear problems? PS Sent some new photos but don't worry the one in the back yard is my neighbors fenced in yard playing. I would never let him loose.

Dancer now Haley

Hi Kerrianne, I wanted to give you an update and couple of photos for Happy Tails! Haley, formerly Dancer, is just such a precious girl!
She sleeps in bed next to me and Levi every night. She loves exploring the yard especially checking out the bunnies !! She's doing great with the house training. The  only accidents have been in front of the door so she knows where she's supposed to be heading. She and Levi love cuddling up on the couch together just like old friends. I'm taking her for her suture removal in a few days and her incision looks great. She's been pretty good at leaving it alone. We couldn't be happier!!!Here are a couple of photos. One of Haley & Levi hanging out on the sand area of the yard being dirty dogs!!

Again thanks so much for everything!!! Sara Turner

Dancer front & Levi rear (also adopted from Yorkies Inc.)


Chris w/Jasper & Ashling w/Tommy (also adopted from Yorkies Inc.) & Peyton (front)

Chris w/Peyton

Hi Kerri & Laura, We are so happy to have found "our little girl." Payton mapped our home within 2 days. She loves her time outside in our yard and family cuddle time on the couch. Her brothers: Tommy and Jasper weren't so sure when we first brought her home, especially Tommy due to having to share mommy's lap, but now Tommy falls asleep with her on mommy's lap with one paw resting over her. The first few days Payton wasn't so sure about her biggest brother, Jasper, as he is 80% blind and mostly deaf, due to his senior citizen status, surprising her unintentionally when walking by or near her. Payton and Jasper love exploring our yard together. Now, if Jasper is nearby she checks her location to him using her nose. Even if she doesn't need to go to the bathroom, she begs to go outside and lay in the sun. She lets the boys know when someone is at the door and her humans know when treats are taking too long. She and Tommy compete to see who can give their humans the most kisses before bedtime. She has brought so much happiness to our home. Thank you Yorkies Inc. for saving and caring for our little girl. Ashling & Chris


Mason & Tia

Ron w/Tia & Margo w/Mason

Well good morning.  I was just coming up to the computer to jot you a quick note letting you know that all is well here.  Believe they have settled in very nicely, we have a routine now, and boy do they know what is coming next!  :)  First thing we do in the morning (around 5 am) is go outside to potty, both are doing exceptionally well in that area, next is medications, and then breakfast.  After they have eaten, then curl up in my lap as I’m eating, and we snuggle for an hour or so, then I’m off doing my thing, Ron is up and they are with him until he get’s busy, then they have the run of the whole kitchen.  We have gotten additional gates so we can block off the big kitchen and they have free reign to move freely about.  I still keep their little pen up for them incase they want to go inside for “quiet” time, and I put them in there for night time as that is what they are use to and seem more comfortable in the smaller space.  They are eating well, drinking well, playing and acting like they have been here for years!  Whenever Ron and/or I are sitting, they are in our laps. 
Both are going to be groomed on Monday.  I took them both for a meet and great with Sam my groomer, and she was very comfortable with Mason’s issues, in fact she does a little Pomeranian who can’t stand at all, and she and another groomer do her together, which is what she is going to do with Mason.  I feel very comfortable leaving them with her, as I have known her and used her services for years.  On the 23rd we visit the new vet, anxious to see what she things and says. 
I have noticed that when Tia pee pees she only goes a small amount, is this normal for her, or should I have the vet do another analysis, she is drinking well. Other than this, we have no issues, they love Andrew, and seem to love being here, and goodness knows, we love having them.  Thank you for allowing us to take them as I know it was a very difficult decision for you and John to let them go.  We will send some new pictures soon.
 Have a wonderful weekend, and hugs to you both.
Margo & Ron


Pam w/Theodore & Snickers

Hi Kerri, Theo continues to do well and we are happy with his progress. Guess we all just needed some time to settle down and also to do more grieving for Shyanne. Theo has fit in so well to our household and likes to do all the things that we like. He is a good dog and really is well behaved. You were so right that he is a people dog and he especially loves other dogs as well. We were so lucky to get such a great dog and we love him so much already. Thanks again Yorkies Inc. for all you did for us all. Theo is a keeper for sure!! Our best to everyone and the pups, Pam and Brian



Prince w/Joe & Lucy

Daisy Mae now Nora


We are so delighted to welcome Nora to the family! She fit in immediately. After losing our beloved Finn in 2016 (Maltese just shy of 10 years old) we all felt a huge void. Our 9 year old Bichon-Maltese mix loves playing & our 11 year old Yorkie Jackson loves napping. Nora loves doing both things with both! We have never had a female so trying to get used to not always saying, "ok boys!" Nora's sweet personality is so great! She's happy to see everyone and is getting spoiled rotten! Needs work with potty training, but with the nice weather approaching & crate training she will catch on soon enough. 
Thank you Yorkies Inc again (our 3rd adoption) 
Love, Kim 

Nora and her favorite buddy Wally                      Nora, Jackson & Wally Snuggling


Eddy & Rio

Hi I am Eddy and this is my foster brother Rio, we just got adopted to a very nice mom and dad. We have a nice yard to play in with lots of toys. We go for walks and car rides, we also keep mom and dad warm in a nice big bed. Rio likes to steal shoes and moms glasses and I kind of like to torment my brother but mom and dad love us just the same.  Daddy is teaching Us how to sit for a snack, I think we're going to be very happy here. I hope all the other rescue dogs gets a nice home too. And Rio and I would like to thank Kerri, our foster mom for taking care of us until we found our forever home. Hugs and kisses❤️


Thank you Yorkies Inc, for our new Furry Baby Tyson.  We love him so much.  Tyson is a love bug, and we can't help spoiling him.  


Reddy now Rianna

Keith w/Rianna(Reddy) & Lisa w/Alma

I don't know if you can see these very clearly but our new baby has been on her bed next to the fireplace for well over an hour. She fits right in. Has already been trying to jump on the chairs and the couch to get up to be with Alma and she started spinning around so I thought maybe that meant she wanted to eat and she did. She ate every bit . She knows where the water bowl is. She did do PeePee on the rug but that's OK we're working on that. She lays next to Alma. So I think this is a wonderful match. Thank you so much. I will be in touch. I am so happy I just wanted to send you this now.

/23:We are calling her Rianna and she already knows her name. I read about how to help a pet recognize a new name. I love when she lifts her head high when she wants to be pet there. I love her and I am thrilled that Alma loves her too and Keith of course. Alma loving her so much was the topping on the cake! Lisa
Is it Official??!! Am I officially Lisa & Keith's baby and Alma's Little sissy now? Love, Rianna

Yes! Yeah! Woot hoot! Ruff Ruff! I know it's official because I heard Rianna bark today and a little growl while having fun playing with Alma and Keith, the first time that we ever heard her make so much fun sounds - just a little bark or two and some fun growly sounds. Thank you so much I will still periodically send you pictures.
Love Lisa

Libby now Zoe



She was terrific on the flight. She is starting to really feel at home. Been using the potty pad and loves to sleep with her Blankey. She's just lurking around the house. Sir peanut is still a little flipped out but they're starting to get along quickly. Thank you so much for allowing us to adopt Willow.
Rich Rosenstein

Willow/w Rich & Jody w/ Sir (also adopted from Yorkies Inc.)

Update 4/18:
Dear Cathie, Here is a picture of Richard holding our new daughter Willow, and me holding Sir Peanut. Willow I believe is the 4th Happy Tail in our love story with Yorkie's Inc. This note is sooo long overdue. Willow is just one little lump of love. We are so very happy to have her. My Vet, who adores Yorkies, said she is about the most perfect one he's ever seen... no knee problems, no health problems, as sweet as can be. What else could you ask for.
When Rich first brought Willow home, she was very scared. We didn't know why. She resisted touch and I was concerned that someone or another dog had mistreated her in the past. Initially, Sir Peanut was none too happy to see her either, and for the first two nights, Sir Peanut, another Yorkies Inc. alum, literally slept on top of me cuddled up tight shaking and Willow attached herself to me or to Richard, going back and forth during the night for comfort. She peed our bed, but it happened only the once. Willow soon found her niche in our family and became increasingly comfortable on the bed that she shares with us and the space that she shares with Sir, who sleeps on bean bag pillows and baby blankets. While Willow enjoys cuddling with Sir, she also enjoys cuddling with me or with Rich. We are all very much a pack.
During the day, Sir Peanut enjoys going out onto our screened in lanai (that's Florida talk for "fancy" porch) and sunning himself, then running back in and getting a drink of water. Willow loves to run around in the protected outdoors with Sir. Willow is not as much a sun worshiper as Sir Peanut. Willow likes to find some shade on the outdoor carpet and nap, or better, find a lap. Willow also enjoys riding in the dog carriage with Sir around the neighborhood. She is naturally curious from afar. Rich and I have always worn front packs and carried our Yorkies in them. Willow loves being carried in a front pack. Rich and I each have one. Downtown Delray Beach is a very dog-positive community. We can dine outside with the dogs with each of us carrying one. We can also shop this way too. There are many fancy dog shops. I would have purchased this beautiful dog bed that was shaped like a black sports car if I thought the Willow and Sir Peanut would have slept in it. Instead, we bought a king-size temper-pedic bed for the family. Willow and Sir also have a huge temper-pedic dog bed too. Willow is every bit part of the family. Rich put it best, "She's my little girl."
Willow's favorite pastime is getting a full on belly rub. She especially likes having her armpits and her tushie (behind) rubbed. Willow is not a kisser, but she likes to put her nose to yours and sniff.
Willow has the most gorgeous eyes. When she looks at you, it's as though she can read your mind, or look into your soul. We are all a pack at this point. Willow unlearned her potty pad skills, but she is quickly retraining and is currently going to basic training with Richard so she can teach him how to behave! Thanks Cathie for everything! Jody Abrams & Rich Rosenstein

YoYo now Diego

Ruben w/Yoyo now "Diego" & Julio w/Patrick also adopted from Yorkies Inc.

Diego has been with us for two weeks now.  His adjustment has been fast.  I think it helps Patrick is around to show him his new “accommodations” and “patterns to follow”.   The first day he went outside to the patio, he could not understand it and he was afraid, by the second day after he realized what Patrick was doing, he just followed his lead and now he runs out after Patrick and they both do what needs to be done. He has been trying to make Patrick play with him for two weeks but no luck so far.  He will engage for 1-2 minutes and then he goes away to do his own stuff.  He adjusted easily to food schedule, at first he did not make sense of the “raw vegetable snacks” but within two days he started enjoying his carrots, zucchini and broccoli, he actually likes it.
I am not sure if he had spend a day without people in the house but the first couple days we could see in the security camera he was running around from the moment we left to the moment we came back.  By the end of his first week, he learned to take “naps” during the day.One more time, thank you for letting us take Diego and I will keep you posted in our future trips (he needs to start filling his little passport to catch up with Patrick).
thank you,
Julio Quintana-Rizzo & Ruben Montano-Lopez



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