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Happy Tails

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Jaylo now Jayla



Izzy now Jessie

Laura w/Henry and Paula w/Izzy now Jessie

Dear Friends, Special announcements from Henry:  His new little sister has been officially welcomed to her forever home :). In fact, when we told Henry the decision was made (as we were traveling) - he immediately went into the back of the car where she was laying down, laid next to her and put his head on her (see pic). It was the most touching and cutest thing in the world! And, Izzy has a new name to go with her new little self - "Jessie Jane" (because she is such a pistol) lol!  We're calling her "Jess" and she is responding. Also, she got top marks at the Vet! Today, we signed on with a Zen dog trainer (recommended by our Vet) and Hen and Jess did fantastic!  Of course we discovered Laura and I are the ones who need training - lol!  Training is a commitment and lot's of work, but we have a plan and are confident we will all make great strides over time.  Also, Jess is doing great on our big walks -attached are some pics of the "kids" at the park today.  Big smiles all around :) Lastly, and most importantly, thank you for helping restore our family of 4. We appreciate your being on this path with us.  You are and will always be
part of our/her extended family!  Happy Thanksgiving to All!
Paula :) Laura :) Henry :) & Jess :)
                    Henry with his head resting on Jessie                                                             Izzy now Jessie with her new protective big brother Henry


Hi Kerri, Mia has been an absolute love. She has spunk and loves to be cuddled. She enjoys going to work and assisting with spreading joy to my elderly residents. I couldn't have asked for a sweeter pup. Looking forward many years of joy and adventures with Mia.

11/2/15: She did great at work today :) We planned it so that she would come for a half day to avoid overwhelming her.

11/3/15 Mia's doing awesome. She's getting more adventurous- I took her to a friend's condo yesterday evening after dinner to show her off and she loved exploring. The more she settles in the calmer she is. She's a total lap dog. We are having the back yard sprayed for ticks with organic stuff (they do it monthly) and it's some safe cedar smelling stuff?? Apparently it's non toxic, but it's not a one shot deal. The pee pad training continues. She goes outside but come the winter, if we have anything like last year, we need her to be able to go even if we put the pad on the enclosed porch. She is using the pad in the morning, so we are making steady progress.

11/7/15: Hi Kerri, Mia is great. We've been working on walking with a leash. (She's improving!) My residents at work LOVE her!!! Obviously we do too!!! :) Mia has a new lavender covered harness that she seems to like. She's been on 2 lengthy walks today and is enjoying watching football with my Dad before we venture out and run some errands including getting her a tooth brush. She has a wellness visit scheduled at Angell Memorial on 11/21 which was the earliest Saturday appointment available. She's settling in nicely and eating the dog food (selectively). She definitely knows the word chicken. Also working on a spa trip for her to just shape up her face a little to get the hair out of her eyes. This harness seems more comfy and has the adjustable clasps with Velcro back up and I went a little crazy with a couple cute winter coats. There is a ritzy dog boutique in Beverly that I plan to take Mia to as well and spoil her :)

Mia at work as our newest wellness nurse :-)



Hi Kerri and Laura, Levi had a GREAT night last night!! He slept most of the night on his blue blankie at the foot of my bed but then snuck his way up beside me :) I was in a yorkie sandwich with Levi on one side and Benji on the other. I did put his belly band on since I wasn't sure what he would do but he's figured out if he rolls and wiggles enough it will slide off!! very smart guy!!! The only thing I missed was his snoring that Laura told me about :( He was very quiet all night! Benji had to get up in the middle of the night because of his UTI so I took both of them out and they went right back to sleep. He's eating breakfast now. He seems to have made himself quite at home. He loves the little doggie stairs so he can get on both couches. He likes to sit on the back of the couch at the picture window and look out at everyone! And he's having no problems going up AND down the stairs. As I finish typing this he is plastered against my leg with his head on my lap helping me write this LOL!! He has such a fantastic personality. I cant believe how fortunate I am (and him too!). I've been waiting and watching for about a year to decide to adopt another pup. When Daisy passed 2.5 years ago I swore I wasn't going to get anymore dogs. My heart was so broken and I just didn't want to go through that again. I'm so glad I changed my mind!! (OK now he's snoring!) I will send pics later today as we cheer the Patriots on!! Laura feel assured that he is getting lots of love. I know you've got a soft spot for Levi and he will always remember the love you gave him!
Sara, Benji & Levi

10/24: Hi, Levi does snore!! Lol!!! It's so cute ! He's made himself right at home already and loves to explore. He's already getting lots of hugs and belly rubs.  I'll let you know how is night was tomorrow. He's an awesome dog. Thank you so much! Sara



Christine holding Molly the Maltese & Benny the Yorkie also adopted from Yorkies Inc. in 2014

Hi Cathie, Just giving you an update. We have decided that Lily (Molly) is in her forever home. Lily and Benny are in love and so are we. You will be pleased to know she has made great progress even giving me a kiss on the cheek. With each day she seems to be a bit more comfortable with her surroundings/new home.  We intend to have a specialist help us help her to  live with less stress, but over all she seems very happy.






Tony holding Wilson & Laura holding Teddy
Good morning Cathie, Teddy did great last night.  We bought a pen that fit the small crate with his blanket, toys, water and a pee pad.  He slept downstairs and slept through the night until I got up at 4:30 a.m.  We took him out and he went to the bathroom.   Looked like he held it from 10 p.m. until 4:30 a.m. which was pretty amazing.  He was wound up and wanted to play after going to the bathroom.  I did put him back in his crate and shut the light off but because heard me moving around upstairs he started barking.  Tony and Wilson went downstairs with him at that point. I left the house at 5:30 a.m. hoping he would go back to sleep for Tony.  Tonight will be the regular routine with Tony coming home at 2 a.m. so we'll see how that goes.  I expect to take him out at 5:00 a.m. before I go to work and hope that he will settle into a routine and go back to sleep after I leave so Tony can sleep.  I'm sure he will learn.  He is an adorable boy and so well behaved.  They were both tuckered out by 10 p.m. and it was amazing to see Wilson eat his food so quickly after he watch Teddy eat his.  Teddy inhaled his food! Will keep you posted but overall we did well for night one!  Take care and have a good day. Laura

9/10 Hi Cathie, Teddy is a love.  He is so smart and is going to the bathroom outside with no problem.  He is also adjusting to the night and day routine just fine.  Wilson is good with him during the day but tends to get more territorial at night with our routine.    Wilson would typically sit on the couch with me to watch a little TV before bedtime and he will not let Teddy up on the couch.  If Teddy finds another place to get comfortable Wilson will be right on him.  I did put Wilson on the other side of the gate last night for a few minutes when he was being aggressive and then let him back in and he seemed to settle in at that point.  I do not want Teddy to feel left out so gave him lots of hugs and kisses before bed.   I may use the water bottle approach you mentioned tonight if I see the same behavior.  The night before Wilson was so tuckered out he fell asleep and I put Teddy up with us on the couch.  Wilson moved over to him and they both fell asleep for awhile next to one another.  I thought that was progress but last night was a bit of a setback.  I am still very optimistic that they will get along fine.  It is funny because Teddy is not a wall flower, he definitely will stand up for himself but has patience too.  Very good boy! Will be back in touch in a few days.  Thanks for all your support. Laura

9/13/:Hi Cathie,   Things are going well.  The boys are playing more together.  They still butt heads at times but we are getting comfortable with knowing that is part of the process.  Wilson was having accidents in the house "poop" but yesterday and today have been good so far.  Think it might have been partly changing his food too quickly so we are back to giving him 50/50 of his food. Will check back with you on Monday but we are 95% sure that Teddy belongs with us.  He's such a good boy and a great addition.  Have a nice Sunday! Laura

Good morning Cathie, Tony and I are thrilled to say we would like to officially welcome Teddy to our home.  He is a terrific pup and Wilson is learning a great deal from him and they are definitely more comfortable with each other. I will be in touch to share our experiences and photos as well.  We will also make an appointment for him at our Vet's in the next couple of weeks.  Let me know if there is anything else I need to do on this end. Thank you so much for entrusting Teddy to us and giving us an opportunity to see how Wilson adjusted.  Have a terrific day! Laura


10/7: Good morning, Just a quick snapshot to show the boys are beginning to share.  All is going well and we are really happy to have Teddy as a part of our family.  Hope all is well with you. Laura


Hi Kerrianne, Minnie is doing great, eating well, loves roaming around the yard. She took a loooong nap on Monday afternoon - must have been exhausted after Sunday. Last night, we put her on the bed with everyone else and she actually  slept there all night! She is a real sweetie-pie!
Will keep you posted, Cookie & David & pups

Hi Kerrianne, Minnie is still doing great, a bit more social. She prefers David's lap since Spike and Jojo are always close to or on my lap, but will stay on my lap for a while. Slept on the bed again, so she's getting used to it.  When I am in my office, all the dogs, including Minnie, are laying
around me. We're trying to figure out her signals - from standing and staring at us, sitting and staring, or her little yips around the
dinner table ... we usually end up picking her up to a lap and helping her down again if that's not what she wanted! Question - do you know if she ever had anything done to her vocal cords? She has such a tiny little bark, if I can even call it a bark, more of a squeak. Thank you and
Yorkies Inc again! Cookie

Hi Kerrianne! We've seen the "happy dance" a couple of times in the last 2 days!  So  cute! She also wiggles when we rub her back/butt
near her tail! More to come...Cookie

9/12: Hi Kerrianne, I've been thinking about emailing you for a while, wanted to have a pic to send you - will send one from my phone... Minnie is doing great! Loves sitting on David's lap, begs for snacks, rests next to the other dogs! We heard her bark for the first time yesterday!! A couple of raspy little woofs, a big surprise ;) She has made herself welcome here and is quite perky. She still does her staring thing - funny - and likes exploring the yard, walking the perimeter fence. She makes her funny little noises only when she is on David's lap when we're watching TV and she stops when we pet her. Haven't figured that out yet. She is such a cutie-pie and sweetie - we love her! Will take a pic later today and send it to you! Cookie and David, etc.


I love her; my family loves her. She was happy and loving all weekend but now she is adapting to my working. Each of my daughters stopped by and took her out. I rushed home tonight and will continue to get home quickly. She does show a little aggression towards others and I would like to help her show her sweet funny self around others. I may want to try some socialization classes. She does not take to people patting her head. Yet she will go and lick them & if they remain, she will roll over for a belly rub. She seems to try to make up for her unfriendly greeting. I wonder what happened to her.  I am so happy to have her as a member of my family. I absolutely adore her. My whole family does! You do wonderful work. Thank you and Kirk for what you do. Mary

Lolly now Lady

Hi Cathie, I meant to write to you sooner. The trip was great , and thanks to you and John the alternate route was much quicker than Rte. 44 and a much easier ride home and thankfully we did not hit any traffic. Lolly/Lady is doing great! Lila and her are great friends already.  Lady has
tried out all of Lila's dog beds (5) and Lila doesn't get upset or jealous. Lady is such a lover!!! She follows me around everywhere and my husband too, she is such a sweetie!!!! We noticed she doesn't really like the grass she will pee in the backyard once in a while immediately  after she runs up on the patio.  We take her for walks around the block in our neighborhood to get her to go also because it's pavement/sidewalk. Last night during the night she peed on the kitchen floor, I don't  want to crate her because Lila sleeps in her dog bed so
I had their beds next to each other and they have full access to the living room/ kitchen area and in the hall bath (where I put a wee wee pad in) so if Lila has to go at night she does - but Lady hasn't figured that out yet. I was hoping for her to learn from Lila.  I have a couple of questions...1.)Her eye drops: I have an appointment on Wed with the vet just to get set up and established with a chart. Any way I did not see the drops in the bag so I'm not sure they were in there.  So I was wondering if I should mention to the Doctor to see if she needs them - her eyes look good. 2.)The chew bar: I can't remember the name of it - I know it was beef.  I know you said to make sure that it wasn't from China but I just can't seem to remember the product name. I can't believe how much we all love her already.  Thank you so much for saving her!
I'll be in touch!  I've attached  some photos from this afternoon in the backyard these are Lady & Lila on the patio couch- just relaxing :) I will
take some of them playing together and send soon. Thanks again for everything, Cathy-Lu

Hi Cathie, Everything is going great Lady and Lila are getting along like they been together for years!  Lady had a visit to the Vet yesterday and I got her heartworm and frontline preventatives. They gave me Tri- Heart Plus chewable tablets( for dogs up to 25lbs) & Frontline Plus (for 5 to 22lbs) I know I have to wait until October 4 – but you had told me to use half of the Frontline – she weighs 5lbs 9oz is that correct? House breaking Lady has been a challenge, although this morning I placed her in the grass and she peed and I praised her and gave her a piece of treat, about three seconds later she squatted and peed again so I praised her again and gave her a small piece,  so I think she is starting to catch on. She is the sweetest dog - I can’t believe we are so lucky to have her- she is truly the perfect addition to our family! Thank you so much for seeing that! I will send some more pictures soon! Thanks Again, Cathy-Lu



Hi Cathie, Khaleesi is a delightful puppy and settling quite well into her forever home. She and her big sister Kaleigh are bonding more each
day. With Khaleesi teething she is adjusting to using her "nyla bone" instead of biting on Kaleigh's leg. We went to the ocean last week, Khaleesi wasn't interested in the water but enjoyed all the dogs on the beach and snuggling with her sister Kaleigh ( I will send you a picture).
Khaleesi also has a new cousin Buddy a 9 year old Westie. They got along very well and became fast friends. Debbie


Louie now Luigi


Hi Kerrianne... Luigi is doing great!  The marking seems to have stopped (unless I'm just not finding any evidence of it!). He goes to the door and scratches when he wants to go out -- and also uses the piddle pads. Didn't take him long to work out a routine -- he's a smart little guy!  He and Mimi are doing really well together. It took her only two days before she totally accepted him, and she seems happy to have a companion again. While Luigi would like to be free to run like the wind...he has accepted my harnessing him for short and long walks several times a day. He has the run of the house...as has Mimi...and has settled right in. He has the sweetest nature and is always willing to provide loving kisses. He definitely likes being with his humans, and keeps me in sight at all times.  Thanks again for blessing me with Luigi. His loving nature is a testament to the wonderful, loving care you gave to him in the time he was with you. There is a place in heaven for you and all others in rescue!
Warm regards,

8/21/15: As promised, here's Luigi clipped, dipped and puffed. Isn't he a cutie!??

8/26/15:Luigi -- just chillin'. I think it's safe to say he's feelin' comfortable here. :)



Kathy w/Charlie also adopted from Yorkies Inc. and Dennis w/Biscuit

Hi. Kerri, Biscuit and Charlie are doing well. They go out well together, sleep well together - and have found their voices together!! Biscuit got a haircut this morning. Looks great.  Kathy will send picture over the phone later. Thank you for everything, 

8/7/15 Hi Kerrianne, I'm sorry I have taken so long to be in touch about Biscuit, life keeps getting in the way !  

He is a wonderful dog !  He is friendly, affectionate, and very social.  We know he had a good life growing up.  He is trusting.  We love him very much and so happy to have him. We will be in touch with his owners daughter. Thank you again... 

9/12: Hi Kerri, Biscuit is great!  He and Charlie are always up for a game, walk, and treat.  We are still at the Cape , getting ready to head home on Monday. We were able to take them to the beach after Labor Day... They both loved  racing after sea gulls and going in the water.
Biscuit never runs out kisses and loves to sit on our laps. He happily gets cozy in our bed at night.  He is so eager to be a good boy for us and his brother , Charlie.  Biscuit thinks he is a puppy and keeps up easily with his much younger brother. He gets along with everyone and has many new friends. I will send a few of my many pictures and would love to have pictures of Biscuit and his first family.  We are so grateful to give
Biscuit a forever home.  We love him very much.




Harley now Charlie


Hi Cathie, Harley is awesome in everyway but hesitates when Dennis is involved. He will trot away from him if they are in the yard and won't come back in the house for him. Dennis took him for a walk this a.m. to meet and greet our dog loving neighbors. Charlie was wonderful with another dog and also 2 male neighbors. We both love Charlie and want to keep him. Any suggestions to help? So nice to meet you the other day! Kathy
7/27: Hi Cathie,
Working hard with Charlie. He is so sweet and loves the baby. I think he will be fine but he is going to take time. Dennis has done the walks, treats and food as you suggested. He is now sitting in Dennis' chair with him! We know he will be fine. Yesterday we all went to church except Charlie. We were gone about an hour. When we came home he was jumping down from somewhere and knocked down some paper plates. He is a great jumper but we will leave him in family room and hope he will be safe. I will doggie proof that room. Still thinking about adding a female. We went to Petco with Charlie and met some doggies, he was very friendly so I am hopeful. Hope all your babies are doing ok. Kathy

Charlie got out his squeaky toy!

Just an update with Charlie! He is doing great and I think he loves the Cape. He had no problem settling here at all. I really think he feels at home now. He has a few quieter barks here and there for Dennis and then he's kissing him! We love him and think he really is a good boy. I'm wondering if there is any progress on a sister for Charlie? We feel ready to welcome another addition. Hope all is well.


Hi Kerri , Dino is settling in nicely and I was able to leave him alone to go out to lunch and do a little shopping today, so we've met that hurdle. He's really such a good little dog.  I have a new little shadow, which is quite sweet.  He spent a few hours on the porch at the Museum this afternoon and met another little Yorkie--they were most disinterested in each other! He ate all his food the first night, but has since only eaten a little more than half.  I leave it out for about 20 minutes and then remove it.  We go to the vet tomorrow morning, so I'll ask her about this.  They may want to do that day long test earlier than we had planned.
  He's still favoring his left hind leg, but that doesn't stop him from running around.  He has an adorable little 'strut' as he charges up and down Elm Street marking his territory. I meant to ask you if he's micro chipped.  If he is, how does one go about changing the information?  If not, please let me know so I can arrange to have this done. All for now.  Will let you know how it goes with the vet. --Jan

10/10: Kerrianne, thanks for your note.  Dino is doing well, though I was a little overwhelmed by the whole experience.  He's off all the medications I had to give him by mouth (a challenge!) and the wound is healing nicely.  We go to Ocean State tomorrow morning to have the staples removed.  Thankfully, he wasn't very interested in playing with the wound, so we got by with just the inflatable collar.  I'm including a picture of Dino right after surgery in his little bed with the collar and his poor little shaved leg! It's heartbreaking to see him hobble around on three legs, but he's starting to briefly 'toe tap' the fixed leg.  The challenge is to keep him from running around--he really is vey active and misses all the exercise.  I'm going to get a referral for a physical therapist to help with the healing and provide more focused exercise for him.  Right now, I keep him in my bedroom or in a little playpen, but he's not too happy with the confinement.  Hopefully, this will be short-lived!  The surgery was fairly extensive: they deepened the groove holding the patella and tightened the surrounding tissues, removed the torn fragments of the cruciate ligament and menisci and performed an extracapsular suture repair to stabilize the knee.  His glucose was very low when I brought him in for some reason, so they kept him for the full day following the surgery to monitor him and recommended reducing his dose to two units.  This has now been increased to two and a half and he seems to be doing well on this.  We have another curve test  scheduled on the 29th.  I'll keep you up to date on Dino's progress.  He's still such a good little boy.  Hope all is well with you


Bambi now Jem

I just wanted to tell you how much we love Bambi, who my grandson would like to call Jem. She has not stopped all afternoon playing ball, running with PeeAir and having a great time . As soon as she runs out of gas I will get some pics. We love her.
Vicki, PeeAir , my mother Elizabeth and grandson Jj who came to
see her.

5/31:She had a great nights sleep( me too) PeeAir at the end of the bed, like usual, and Jem right next to me ( love it). She is less stressed this morning I can tell when there tongue is curled when they pant, Jacque used to do that, she loves it outside. She is doing great and does  not seem to be sore at all when I pick her up . PeeAir loves her, he is a little selfish with his ball ( which is rubbery) but she prefers the tennis ball. My house looks like I am running a daycare with toys out of the toybox everywhere. I decided on Jen because my grandson said to me, gee grandma it looks like you got a real Gem! Then I remembered his mom growing up liked to watch a cartoon about a girlie rock group "Jem and the Holograms." I like it and she seems to like it too! Have a great day ladies! Vicki

6/1:Hi there! All is great ! Jem has found her spot on the couch, in my bed and next to my mother in her chair like she has lived here forever! I was wondering about her heart worm test and if she is due for her heartguard?  Thanks, Vicki
Hi 6/7: Hi there! Just a little update. Jem made her first real outing to a big dog show in Tolland over the weekend. She got to meet Darlene and Ed.  Who drove all the way Friday morning from mass to Tolland ct, and to have her little Pom daisy pass away in her arms in the parking lot. They then drove all the way back to mass to bury her in the pet cemetery. We had a good cry the next morning over her Daisy and my Jacque (who was related to her Fabulous) So everyone loved Jem and she had a great time hanging out. We had a busy day today, me doing my domestic goddess duties and her and PeeAir lounging on the deck after a busy 2 days. I hope all is well in your Yorkie world, I will send you an e- mail after our vet appt. tomorrow.
Love her more everyday!    Vicki, PeeAir and Jem

Here's Vicki and Jem at bring you dog to work day! This little girl is going to have  a great life!




Hi Kerri, Ariel was a joy in the car. When she met Violet they gave each other a sniff and started playing it was very cute. Maddie is also enjoying her. She seems to love to explore. Has not really warm up to us yet but I know in time she will. The funny thing is though she seems to like following George around the house and when he left for work she started to cry. H e won't be gone long just a couple of hours at the hospital can't wait to see her reaction when he comes home. She did do her potty on the pad when she came in the house but later had a little accident. But I know this takes a little time. She is such a sweetie. Thank you and I will keep you updated on this little love.
5/11/15 Kerri, Ariel is such a love. She is starting to warm up to me. She let me brush her today and really seemed to enjoy it. I think she will do very well at the groomer's when the time comes. She is getting along very well with Violet and Maddie. Love to watch them play. Ariel also started playing with a toy today, she went and took it out of the toy box, something Violet will not do. Quite funny to watch Violet looking at her with a such wonderment. Then they had a little tug of war with the toy. So funny! I had a appointment today and when I came home Ariel was so excited to see me wagging her little bottom along with Violet and Maddie. That just made my day! She is using her wee wee pads very well but still working on the poo. Soon George will be home and she will get more cuddle time. Very happy to report no jealous pups here! She has a Vet appointment next Tuesday for her stitches. Update soon Thank You, Dawn
5/14/15 Hi Kerri, Ariel is such a sweetheart and I love her playful personality. She is very slowly coming out of her shell. She is very silly at times when she goes exploring. Her and Violet seemed to know right from the moment they met that they were littermates. They love to play together and sometime give each other a little kiss. Maddie the shih-Tzu sometimes joins in the fun. George and I are holding her the way that you suggested and she really likes that. I think it makes her feel more secure. She loves to be held by both of us but loves to follow George around the house. I think he is more interesting. We took her on a little walk and she seem to enjoy that. At first she did not realize she was on a leash but watching Violet and Maddie she started to get the hang of it. She also loves her doggy stroller. This will come in handy when I take them to the Farmer's Market. She is going on the wee wee pads and yesterday was her first poo on them so we celebrated with a new dog toy! Loves playing in the backyard. What can I say but Thank You so much Kerri she was the perfect match for us. George and I will cherish this baby and I will send pictures soon. Still learning on how to download them.  George & Dawn


Happy Mothers Day Cathie! Well we are doing very good with Kiki!! She slept all nite in our room on her blanket! Also did her pp and poop outside!! She is eating well too. She seems happy can tell when her tail wags. I think she's found a home here. We love her !! Have a great day!! When is the heartworm pill due?? Diane

5/15/2105:Hi Cathie Just wanted to let you know I am doing very well in my new home. I have been doing all my business outside and my Mommy and Daddy get very excited and treat me with a few Cheerios!I will be going to my new Dr on May 17th.Did I tell you I have a new soft bed that I love!! Mommy and Daddy took me for a walk to check out the neighborhood too. I met 2 new friends yesterday !They were cute little girls Emmi and Abbi and boy they really liked me too!! Mommy said I am staying here for good I hope so!! Tell all my friends I said hi but I am happy here! Here is a picture of me  love Kiki


  Hi Cathie,  Just checking in to give you an update...No problems with Dobbs, he and Sandy are getting along so well.  i took this photo this morning as I am trying to teach them the stay command.  i have not had a chance to make an appt with CCVS but will try today. I ordered the ex pens add they should be coming in thus week and i will return yours. Thanks


Tootsie now Cassie

Sorry I haven't written she is keeping me busy.  She is learning to sit on command, gobbles her food with the 1/4 tsp wet food added.  I stopped the yogurt for 2 days and she barely honks.  I call it wheezing but almost gone. Will check with my vet.  I have a call into the Vet to set up an appt.  Had her playing today with my husband running back and forth barking at him.  She met my landlady of the park Stacey who has two yorkies who threw a bunch of toys on the floor and Cassie  picked out one she liked.  Going to get her one tonight after supper that and a gate so I don't have to worry about her.  Almost never uses a pee pee pad.  and sleeps all night in the big bed.  Set up two huge pillows so she can jump down till I can find some steps.   I can't believe all the things she does.  She is definitely coming out of her shell I think maybe she was intimidated by the other dogs.  Besides I have all day to play with her.  She has been meeting all my neighbors and has made a big hit.  They all think she is just Beautiful.  For some reason I don't understand every time I call her I would call Cassie not Tiffany so think I like it better.  Better get it right soon or she won't know what her name is. She unzipped the tent again yesterday and met me at the door.   She barks every time someone comes to the door which I like but stops when I ask her too.  You can definitely tell this dog has had a lot of love and care.  I couldn't have picked a better match.  I have chorus tonight for an hour so will wee how she does but so far so good,
4/12: Hi Kathy: Cassie is doing just wonderful. Loves being out in the yard with me.  She barks at my neighbor till he says hi, then watches him work. We are going shopping this afternoon to try to find a car seat.  Most of them are made for the front seat which I don't think is safe in an accident. She absolutely hates the crate she feels cramped. Am looking for one that will work with my back seat which is a bench seat.  She sure does love her green beans and sitting on the back of the couch looking out the window. Couldn't have found a better match.  Have to pick up a bag of Halo and some pumpkin and some canned Blue that she loves. Well I am going to have lunch before I go and get my chicken roasting in the oven before I go. I'll keep in touch.  She has her first check up Wed. and hope to get her license this week too.


Hi Kerri, I am in love. We had a few treats, went for a walk, took a rest in bed, the cat joined us on the bed and are now in car going to pet store. Already ordered cute girl clothes on line. She has snuggled up to my husband and his patting put her to sleep. She is absolutely a treasure. I'm so grateful to have her with me. Please tell her former owners that she will be loved more than they can possibly know. Thank you for everything. When her clothes get here I'll send you pics.
4/8/15 Hi Kerri, Take her off the website girl. She's not going anywhere. We're having problems with her using pee pads (she's improving) and going outside but I can deal with it. She's an absolute love. And we both adore her.


4/9/15 Hi Kerri, I don't know how far away you live but I think that one thing she misses is dog companionship. There has been someone at home every day except one this week so she's only ever been in the house alone with the cat for one day. She is snuggly with us and loves us but I think she would LOVE to hang out with some dogs. I was thinking that in her first home she lived with a dog, in your and Lauren's house she had dog company, but she hasn't had any here. I was thinking of trying to approach some of the neighbors who have two Maltese nearby to try to see if they'll play with her but the weather has been so bad she HATES going outside. I had one dog pee in the back yard so far and it helped but since it rained and it's worn off so she looks at me like "what the heck am I doing here outside?" I think she (and I ) would love to see her little Yorkie friends if you're game. But please, if it's a long drive for you, don't come. I'll be around Saturday afternoon all afternoon and Sunday morning. Don't know if that works with your schedule but I think we'd accomplish two things - a little fun for her AND pee in my back yard. Let me know. Some of the clothes have come but most have not. I got the cutest little dark pink winter suit, you saw the watermelon dress (so cute) and a few other little outfits which I'll show you if you come. Let me know.
Thank you, Sheryl


Hi Cathie, just got ur message. Ru is awesome. He does get underfoot but that's ok. We had a houseful today and he was wonderful. It seems the more commotion the better with him. HE ABSOLUTELY loves people and we had a few dogs here of all sizes and he had a great time. So far so good, he seems to be finding his place and is fitting in wonderfully.  I kept him in crate overnight in living room and i slept on couch just in case he got nervous but all went well. not even a peep out of him. still waiting to hear his voice but nothing yet. Potty training ok- he will use pee pad but had few accidents but that's ok everything still new to him plus lots of guests due to holiday. HE was the hit of the day with all the relatives and significant pets. He is sleeping now- all pooped out from busy day. I will send pics but I need my daughters to do it since I'm not to savvy on computers. But so far his personality is winning everyone over- he is a luv. Will keep u posted but so far so good. Sincerely ,
 the Kirbys  

4/6: Ru had another good nite he got restless at 2 a.m. cuz he had to go pee but i finally got to hear his bark (that is if u want to call it a bark) sounds like a squeaky toy- to cute. He is doing good with pee pad but only for pee, he doesn't poop on it so we are going to work on that. Took him on leash in driveway but he was very nervous, hopefully with the good weather coming we can get him used to leash. I am going to take him to pet store today to pick up some treats that you have listed and a few more toys. We are absolutely in love with him. Will send pics soon but i need my daughter to teach me how and im not sure if my phone can do it. Will keep you posted.

4/8: Cathie, Ru is fitting in and adjusting just fine. He thinks he owns the house. He sure is a character with a huge personality. We would like to adopt him and give him a forever home. He will be meeting my vet this coming Monday as I have to take Belle in anyways. I did go on Norberts websites (he is so precious) and saw the pics of Ru and all the interest you had in him. I truly feel blessed that we have been chosen to be his family and i promise you that we will do everything possible to give Ru the home that he deserves. 


Hi Cathie,  Just wanted to touch base.  Polly and Thor are getting along great!!  So funny!  She has already been sitting with him in his bed.  He wants her to chase him, it is a riot.  We are trying to get it on film. I have a couple questions.  What do you say when you want her to go to the bathroom some place?  Do good girls etc?  She has had a few accidents and I wanted to know what to say when I put her on the pad so she will know where to go.  Also the food Thor eats is Nutro for toy breeds.  No corn, gluten, wheat or soy protein.  Have you heard of it?  It was vet recommended , but wondering what you thought.  It is supposed to be good for skin and coat.  I will send photos later of Thor and Polly together. Just wanted you to know she is doing good so you could relax and enjoy Friday night.
Kind of a long night.  Thor did not want her near him at night.  Jt slept with Polly and I slept with Thor.  This morning he is back to thinking she is cool. They are both napping together on my lap now, as you can see in the photo. Think it is going fine.  Still working on new pee pad concept  Calling her Polly puddles. Lol. She is such a little ball of love.  I will keep you posted.

3/22: Our little smarty pants has now figured out the pee pad!  We made a big deal about how good she was and gave her treats!  We used a couple pieces from the sample bags of food you gave us so it would be something different!  I napped with the two of them 1/2 the day.  They chase each other around like crazy and then jump up to snuggle with me.  They are very funny.  
3/23:Hi Cathie, Sitting on the couch with my tired dogs.  They have been running around the house all morning.  Very cute.  I got Polly's food through Amazon.  I have Amazon Prime so I have 2 day free shipping.  Petsmart says they will start carrying it in the store in July.  Polly has decided one of Thor's toys is now hers.  Very cute.  Thor does not mind and has even played with her with it and let her put it in her bed. I was wondering the name/brand of spray you said you put on her teeth.  I would like to get some. 
Thanks, Merri

3/24: I can not imagine her leaving!  Yes, please mark her adoption pending! we love her!  She already has 3 nicknames.  I call her princess Polly, Jt calls her Pollywog and my husband calls her Sweet Polly Purebred (showing his age).  My son that lives in New York spends hours training Thor.  He has taught him many tricks and can't wait to start training Polly!   What is the next step to complete the adoption?


 Hi Kerri, All is going well. After you left, they had an active couple of hours. I finally gave Rummie over to the care of my son and took Cubby into my room where he immediately made himself comfy on my bed.  While I read he took a nap. When we were all together again Rummie still wanted to play (he's like the energizer bunny!) and Cubby would play a bit and then run to me for protection (or relief). When I was watching TV, Cubby came and laid on my lap while I tossed a ball for Rummie to chase. Finally Rummie laid down and napped for about a half hour. The both went out and they are very mellow at the moment. Rummie is laying on the floor watching and Cubby has taken possession of my hassock I'll take Cubby in my room for tonight so he is not left alone in a strange house with a strange dog who is trying to force him to play in the middle of the night. Rummie usually starts out downstairs with my son but often in the morning, I will find him upstairs in one of his beds.
So far, so good. I think I'm more exhausted then they are! Thanks for bringing him. Your little guys are so cute - to small for me I'm afraid I'd hurt one by accident - but cute as the dickens! I hope your friend didn't mind the wait in the car. Hope you had some time to visit and explore Portsmouth despite the rain or at least stop along the way home for a nice lunch. Thank you again

3/14 Hi Kerri, I had to work today so the pups were alone for 5 hours. I had my son separate them before he left for work at 11. To save Cubs from Rummie wanting to play all day and still getting to know each other, we put Rummie in the hallway with some of his toys, and Cubs in the kitchen/den with his bed and toys. I was a little apprehensive but they did fine. In fact better than fine. We just went outside. I was tossing snowballs for Rummie while the Cubs was exploring. He wandered quite a distance away and when I called him, he came running back along the maze at full tilt. I think he has found some of his doggie spunk! Right now they are sparring in the middle of the den having a high old time, for a little while, go get a drink of water, and come back and spar again. I am so surprised!! And Cubs is often getting the better of Rummie. I think this exercise will work off some of the weight he has to lose I put down some plain kibble last night as his evening meal and he gobbled it right up. He left a little surprise package on the kitchen floor yesterday when I left for about an hour to go to the store, but these things happen, a new house, feed schedule different, etc. No accidents today. I think we are doing quite well so far!!

3/16:Hi Kerri, They just had a riotous time in the back yard. I was tossing a tennis ball and Rummie discovered he is faster than Cubby and if he had the ball firmly in his mouth he could run all over the yard and Cubby would chase him. They ran up and down the snow maze lanes for several minutes. Along the back fence, all I could see of Cubby was his ears flying up above snow level as he ran full tilt. Working off those kibble calories! Now they are both mud puppies!! Bath time! I have put a halt to treats when they come back inside, as it seems to cause some serious arguing over who gets a treat first. Oddly there is no snarling about food bowls, Cubby can approach Rummies bowl and vice versa with no snarling. but I continue to feed them separate so each gets their fair share. Between times they rough house, and seem to be having fun. It's just the treats, oh, and when I get home from work, there is some jealousy too. Today we left them alone together in the kitchen/den and there were no bloody fur or ripped up furniture. :) All in all I think he has made himself at home and is happy here. Please deposit the check he has a forever home with us! Thank you again!


Sprout now Abby

We are lucky to have her.  I brought her in my room and put her in the red gate from my living room.  She slept all night.  Tried to get her to potty this AM but was not successful.  I caught her at the end of her pee in the LR  and took her to the pee pee pad but she has finished.  She did poop on the pad in my bathroom, not sure if she did it knowingly and just happened to be there.  She needs time and I am sure she will do well.
Thanks again  Carol

3/30 What flavor Fromm is Abby eating????  I am going to get her some tonight after work.  We just adore her and they both sit with me on the couch.  She loves her new daddy too!!!!  She has found her Forever Home  and we will keep her safe, happy and loved.  Thank you so much for your help in placing her with us.



Hello Cathie, Stella is doing well and warming up to us.  She is starting to follow us around a little bit and is curious about us.  She even went and sat on Sherry's lap today on her own.  When I came home from school, I sat down on the floor and she willingly came over to me for some pets.  She slept in her own bed right next to ours last night, as she seemed more comfortable to have her own space.  She did get up a couple times, as you mentioned she would.  We are letting her take the lead on where she feels safest sleeping.  She's had a few accidents, but we anticipated that and know it is common when you bring a dog into a new home and environment.  We are not worried about it and I'm confident with positive praise and gentle re-direction we will work it all out.  I've attached a picture from today.  Would you like an update again tomorrow? Our plan this weekend is to just be home with her and let her get to know us.  Thank you again for making the trip in the weather.  We are just so thrilled to have Stella with us!  Hope your ride home was okay.  Best, Leigh

3/7/15: Hi Cathie, Stella had a great night.  She is still preferring her own bed, which is totally fine.  She has a nice soft comfy bed right next to ours.  Our friends are here for the day (the ones who we were dog sitting for.)  Stella is amazing with them.  She went to them for pets, let them pick her up and even sat next to one of them on the couch.   She is doing great peeing on the pad, but still having trouble pooping there.  We are working in it.  She seems relaxed and comfortable.  I've attached 2 more photos.  We'll send you a photo of the three of us tomorrow.  Thanks!  Leigh
3/8: Good Afternoon Cathie, Stella had a great night until about 3:30 am, when she got restless and paced around.  I waited a bit to see if she would settle down.  When she did not, I held her for a while and she seemed to like that.  She went back to bed for a little while then started being restless and pacing again.  I thought she might be hungry, so gave her a little bit of food, cuddled with her some more and that seemed to do the trick.  She went back to bed after that.  She seems to be doing just fine today.  She is doing much better on her pads and seems relaxed.  She enjoys being where we are and comes to us often for a pet or to be held.  I've attached some more photos for you.  We love her so much!  Leigh
3/11: Hi Cathie, Stella had a great day!  She slept through the night last night, had no accidents today, and enjoyed a car ride today to the beach.  She is really enjoying going outside in the yard too!  She is really relaxing.  Now we are working on having her wear her harness, and will eventually work on walking on a leash.  We'll get there.  She has made remarkable progress so far!  We will let you know how the vet appointment goes tomorrow and are hoping we can make her adoption final after that.  Leigh
3?12: Stella was great at her vet appointment today!  We just love her!!  We can make the adoption final.  Thank you for everything.  Fondly, Leigh PS: The vet was very impressed with how organized and complete her paper work was.


Hi Kerri, Cutty  has his fur-ever home with us. Yes. we are foster failures for him, and if foster failure is wrong... then we don't want to be right.
 He has come such a long way...still the Alpha boy, but we wouldn't change a thing.  :)


Hi Kerri, Maurice is doing fabulous settling in and our bonding continues. He is a very sweet boy.  He is quite the jumper and we find him jumping everywhere. His legs are longer than any one of my other yorkies so we are learning not to leave papers and magazines on the coffee table unless we want them shredded :). Love him so much. Will send more pics after his grooming on Friday. He will be my sweet valentine :) Thank you for everything!

 Lola & Livy

Hi Cathie, It was nice meeting you and John yesterday!  I’m about to head off for work, but wanted to give you a report on how the girls are doing.  Lola seems right at home, at ease exploring and following us around.  Poor Livy is nervous on the hardwood floors.  She feels she has to move fast and hasn’t realized that if she slows down she’ll be fine. The floors don’t bother Lola in the least.  Is your home carpeted?  Right now Livy is staying on the family room rug where she feels safe.  Jim and I have quietly and gently coaxed her off the rug using a few cheerios, but she scoots right back to the rug. We’ll work on it slowly.  They slept together in their bed last night, no problem whatsoever.  I put their pads near their bed and they went on it during the night.  Where can I purchase more of the washable pads? They don’t seem to realize what the disposable pads are for.  A few accidents, but we’ll get the hang of it. I’ve decided to return the car seat I purchased and showed you yesterday and would prefer to buy a larger crate for when the two are in the car.  I feel they will be safer with a crate belted in. They are both such loves!  Will send pics, but have to dash! I do have some questions and will be in touch…Many thanks!

1/30/15:Hi Cathie, The girls are adjusting to the size of the house, know where to go for their water in the kitchen from the family room and have also successfully "powdered their noses" several times outside.  We won't mention any "accidents" because I feel like we won megabucks with these girls and that will pass (no pun intended,) I feel we are quickly getting in sync with one another, love them both so much!  Their little jackets are adorable, you were so generous with all the nice things you gave us to start our life together!  I'm so grateful for your wonderful care and compassion, thank you for everything! Nikki xo

Hi Cathie, By all means, please mark Lola and Livy as adopted!  They have restored my heart to a happy state.  Even though it has just been a couple of days with these beautiful little souls, we  are family now! I have made a vet appointment on Feb 5.  I'm sure Dr. Mansfield will be thrilled to see them.  I will let you know how that goes. Two of our boys are coming to see the new additions to the family this weekend, very excited! Have a nice weekend...go Pats! Nikki



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