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Happy Tails 2016

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Hi Kerri, He's doing really good actually. He'll come up and sit with us on the couch. Cuddles has to be there initially, but he stays now even if she gets down. He actually got on my lap and sat for a few minutes but jumped down for supper time. Still having some issues with the pee pads, not as many, but he goes out for his other duty. I think I figured out his que, he'll go to the back door a couple times and looks out the door, as soon as he gets out he goes. He still likes his bed, he'll roll around in it and the fur on his head is all static so it sticks up all over. Cuddles still sleeps in hers, he'll get up on the back and thats how they sleep at night. He gets up on the couch arm and greets us with Cuddles when we get home now too. I've attached another pic of the 2 of them snuggled up with each other. Tried to get some of him sitting up but when I go for the camera he gets up and follows me. All in all, he's fitting in with us. Feeling very confident he's "approved" us.
Dave H.


Hi Kerri, I was going to email you this morning. Baxter is the SWEETEST boy I ever seen! We are so in love, specially Adam since now he feels he finally has a dog he can play ball. Baxter is exactly like you said, loves to play, when we take him for his daily walk he charges at other dogs (but never does with Liberace unless Liberace goes for his food so I am supervising their meal time since they have a tendency to eat each other's food). They are not BFF's yet (mostly because Liberace is a weirdo) but they sleep close to each other in the couch when I am working. We are taking Baxter for a 20 minutes walk to work on his bootylicious figure I want to thank you for all the work you do and to make it possible for people like me to not have a pet but to feel in the longest time that I have a family. Adam and I would be honored to have Baxter forever with us and I am sure Liberace deep inside thinks the same. Again, thank you and please make it official otherwise I will kidnap Baxter! :) I will keep you posted on the progress and send you pictures. Have a great week and please let me know if Baxter can be forever mine and if there is anything else we need to do!

Primrose & Petunia

Hi Cathie, The newbie's are getting along just great.  Each day they are getting used to being here.  It is easy to see they will be so happy living
here and we will be so happy to have them.  We are very grateful to have them. Thanks so much!
Ron and Donna 


Nina w/Boo & Kent w/Ike left and Bentley right

Thanks for checking in with us. Bentley is doing just fine. The other two dogs seem to have accepted him and there is no problem there. We were a little worried last night because he didn't eat or drink all day. New environment, nerves? But this morning he had a good breakfast and drank some water, so all good. He loves being outside in the yard. He is a real sweetheart! Thank you so much for all you have done for us. I called my vet yesterday and left a message. She will be getting back to me probably tomorrow and I am going to have her come, check him out and give her all his paper work on his shots.
 Kent & Nina
3/12/16;We would like to make it official that we are adopting Bentley. He has fit right in with our other two dogs and are so happy that he is now part of our family. We cannot thank you enough for everything you have done. We will keep in touch with you, from time to time and let you know how he is doing. Again, thank you for bringing him into our lives.
 Kent and Nina Thomas


5/2/16: Hi Cathie! Just wanted to let you know that "Mr. Bentley" is doing fine. We, and he, couldn't be happier. He fit right in and has developed a real bond with our other two dogs. We took them all to the groomers and thought you might want to see a pic of this handsome guy. We want to thank you again for bringing him into our lives!!!
Kent Thomas


They are doing very good. They sometimes share a bed. They go outside together and wait for each other to come back in. Rosey hangs out on the first floor except when she goes to bed at night but Lola goes all over the house. She is a little love bug and is friendly with everyone.

2/27: Hello, from the Girls!

Lola & Rosey


Hi Kerri, Jerry (now Rocky) was very good. He was good until 6am then and then he let me know he had to go out. He slept with me and gizmo all night. He is so sweet He is doing fine. He is eating and checking the place out. I think he knows he is in a good place. I speak softly to him so he will not be afraid. Thank you,

1/11/16 Hi Kerri, I think Gizmo is a little jealous, he does not come and sit with me like he used to so I pick him up and give him kisses and  the three of us sit on the chair.  One on each side of me.  Jerry (now Rocky) and Gizmo like each other though.  We all slept together last night.   The two of them follow me all around the house .   Rocky is doing well going out side too.  He goes to the french doors because he knows that is the way out.  I think he really likes the yard.  The snow is gone now so he does the perimeter with Gizmo.  They are so cute together.  When they get to the end of the fence Rocky waits to see where Gizmo is going and then he follows.

1/12/16 Hi Kerri, Yes all is well. I think Jerry (now Rocky) is doing well. He seems comfortable with us and we all sleep together. Rocky loves everyone. My daughter in law and grandson came over today and he went right up to them and put his paws on their legs. He let them pay him and then he went off to the chair. Thank you again.


Hi Cathie! Rick here.  It was very nice to meet you as well. Things seem to be going well here. Dori seems to be comfortable, happy and affectionate.  No issues to speak of so far. Panda's Facebook page is under Panda Foley.  You can also find her as friends in both of our Facebook Friends groups.  Thank you for spending so much time with us today and answering all our questions.  We will check in several times over the next few days.  Best, the gang at the "106" 
Bob, Rick Panda & Dori
1/4/16:Hi Cathie, Just checking in with you about Dory.  She's a sweetheart and a goofball and Rick and I already love her dearly.  She and Panda seem to be getting along better every day--they are now both comfortable sleeping in the same bed at night and Dory has (nearly) stopped stealing Panda's food lol We took Dory to our vet Dr. Stillman this afternoon at the Court St. Animal Hospital here in Plymouth and he removed her stitches and gave her antibiotics and an ointment for an ear infection.  We'd noticed she's been scratching both her ears for long periods (and it was also mentioned in the paperwork you gave us), so hopefully this will make her feel better in a few days. Otherwise, all is going very, very well.  We'll send you another update later in the week. Happy New Year!

1/6/16: Hi Cathie, Don't worry about reimbursing us for the antibiotics--Rick and I are just happy Dory has stopped scratching her ears and is feeling better!  I  just saw your post for little Eddy and I'd rather the money go to his care.  What a little sweetie.  I hope Tufts can figure out what's going on. Definitely mark Dory as adopted!  She is already a loving and loved member of our family. Here are a few pics...we'll send along updates soon!



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