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Happy Tails 2016

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Brio now Roscoe

Hi Kerri,

He's so affectionate and follows me around my house all day, up down. Sleeps with me. Not too good on the pee pads. Hope we get better. I take him out a lot but can't tell. He's so low to the ground anyhow. Still thinking of names. Going to have his bangs clipped tomorrow. Too cute to not be able to see his cute face. He loves to play ball. I just love him! Paula


Oh my goodness we love him! He is the sweetest boy❤ I think he fits perfectly into our family, thank you so much!
Julia & Lisa
 12/8/16: Hi, Just a quick update the little man is doing great he is a very sweet boy and Chloe is starting to like him we think LOL he is pretty much house trained and will now sit, give paw, and lay down on command. Also,  just new favorite snack are carrots. Yes, he is definitely part of the family, thank you so much!  Hope you have a happy holiday season! Julia




Out little love bug is doing absolutely fabulous.  Cy and Oliver greeted each other by sniffing each other, then they both lowered their front paws and body looking at each other (like two little sumo wrestlers)  then spun around and around then ran after their toys.  Oliver jumped in the Cuddle Cup I bought Cy, so Cy peed on Oliver's bed.  Typical men declaring their territory.  On their walks I made sure to use a shorter leash on Cy so Oliver would be the pack leader.  Every place Oliver piddled so did Cy, obviously doesn't want his brother to out do him, haha.  They are getting along so well as I knew they would.  When we sat on the couch to watch a movie, Oliver immediately jumps up and assumes his position lying on a pillow over my legs and little Cy draped himself across my chest.  That's where they slept for the duration of the movie, they were so tuckered out from playing and their walks.   There does not appear to be any issues and I feel they will become best buddies as time progresses.  This morning was the first time since Ginny passed that Oliver didn't whimper or bark when I left for work.  Ron is home (Monday's/Fridays)  with them today and I have to tell you, my husband is a total moosh with Cy.  He thinks he is the cutest dog on the planet.  He spent a lot of time with the both of them yesterday on the floor and in the back yard exploring. 
Cy only had one accident the first hour he arrived, but has done exactly as Judy said.  I feed him and take him out within ten minutes and he does his business, like clockwork.  He has an appointment with my vet on Wednesday for a check up.  I notice he gets excited sometimes and has a slight cough sort of a honking sound and sneezes.  My Ginny had a collapsed trachea so I want to have him checked for that.  It may be he just gets over excited and has allergies.  Lord knows I can relate.
Cy is such a bundle of energy and such a happy pup, he just makes us smile.  All my colleagues at work fell in love with him when I showed them pictures this morning of he and Oliver. 
Cathie,  I can't thank you enough for choosing me to be his forever mom.  I guarantee you he will be given the care and love he deserves.  It's definitely going to be a very Happy Thanksgiving this year!!!
PS:  I have a girlfriend who may be getting in touch as she is interested in becoming a foster mom.

Julie Ann Fraser
Oh, by the way, cash the check……there's no way I would ever give Cy up! Happy Thanksgiving!

Update:11/18/16Cathie, While at the vet last night for Cy's check up, he told me to ask if Cy has been on his heartworm medication (when was his last dose) and what brand. Can you provide that information so I can relay it to him, please?  I'm working from home today and the "boys" are sound asleep on the couch after having exhausted themselves chasing after each other, leaping over their beds and tossing toys in the air…..they are officially brothers now.


Thank you Cathie and Sherry for bringing Harvey into my life.  I fell in love with him from the moment I saw his photo on the Yorkies Inc website.   What an amazingly adaptable little pup!!  Harvey is sweet, affectionate, smart, well behaved and extremely gentle with my two very young grandsons.   Harvey has already formed a strong bond with my children, grandchildren and me.  He is friendly to other dogs and people during our long walks.  I was concerned about Harvey having separation anxiety when I left the house,  but I’m so grateful that I decided to adopt him in spite of my concern.  Harvey is increasingly calm each day  and is  barking less when I am gone (as reported by  my daughter who lives upstairs.)  I’m on cloud nine with this little guy and it appears that Harvey is pretty happy too.  




To everyone at Yorkies Inc. Jody and I would love to thank you for the adoption of our new yorkie Jeb (aka: Ned).  He is already a part of the family, he goes up and down the stairs, already trained outside and on puppy pads and is incredibly smart and sweet.  He and my 4 year old yorkie JJ absolutely love each-other.  They are constantly playing and cuddling together. We are completely in love with him and are now enjoying our family of 4.  Jenn Troup


Hey Cathie & John,  Wiki slept pretty well last night.  All were up at 6 a.m. (which is pretty routine). Wiki ate breakfast with the other crew members then went for a walk with Andy. So far so good. Appears  no issues with JJ Julius & Wiki. We decided his  "formal name "  will be Rickenbacker after the Rickenbacker guitar (and his nickname will "Ricky" which sounds similar to Wiki)...Andy's idea
9/12: Hi Cathie & John, All is well here.  Hope the same on your side of the fence. Wiki is eating /sleeping /playing and seems very content. Today  was a "Big Test"  for all the pups.  Humans first day back to  work schedule...Wiki (aka Ricky) seemed a bit confused. Had to leave the pups  alone for 3 hrs. Good News...they all got A+...Everyone obviously behaved themselves!  Let me know when Wiki's  stitches need to come out & I'll make the  Vet Appointment. Thanks much!
Betty DeYeso
9/13: Hi Cathie & John, All is well.  Ricky had a busy day today! His stitches were removed, then did some errands (everyone thought he was very cute).  We came home, he played in the yard with his siblings, had a bath and then...I  ordered an ID tag for him...so, yes, it's official,  Wiki (Ricky)  has a forever home with us. He's such a happy little guy an we're happy everyone has been getting along so  well.  You mentioned Ricky & Raisin are from the same breeder?  If there's additional info would be appreciated, but please don't go out of your way. Doesn't matter...just  curious. Thank's for all You, John & Yorkies, Inc  volunteers do for our four legged friends!

Betty , Andy, Pennylane, Raisin, JJ Julius &  Ricky!


Soleil/Daisy Mae



8/6/16: Hi Cathie, Don't know where my anxiety came from. Rick is a blessing but we have been married for 20 years and he knows how to handle me. Anyway, Chase slept in his x pen during the night right next to the bed without any fuss.  We all got up for a bathroom trip then slept until morning. I placed an order with Chewy.com  Just a couple of questions (of course): You said I could use Frontline on him and you have not put any on him yet? I'll be checking in with my vet on Monday and may pick some up then. Also, You definitely gave him his heart guard at the beginning of August? I need to mark in on my calendar. I will probably have more questions and will keep in touch.  So far so good.  He likes walks and likes to play.  Miley is warming up to him as well.
Hi Cathie, We are in love with Chase. He is doing very well. Of course I have more questions: Is it ok for Chase to run and play normally? He loves running and plays till he is exhausted. Also can I have my groomer trim his nails? In the paper work it says not to groom him until the adoption is final. I have made an appointment with our vet for Friday so everyone can get acquainted. I know they all will love him. Will keep in touch. Phyllis

8/1/216: Hi Cathie, Chase has worked out well. He met our vet today.  Everyone loved him. He weighs 4.8 lbs and doing well. Of, course we plan to keep him and if alright with you can we can call him adopted? I'll keep you up to date with pictures and new adventures. Phyllis

10/10/16:Hi Cathie, Chase has brought such joy to our home. We all love him. Our home is full of life with Chase's never ending energy. We all play together, boat together and take lots of walks. He is so much fun.
This photo was taken during one of the brief moments of rest while playing. Chase is above and Miley below.
Thanks to Yorkies Inc for making this happen!!



Hi Kerri
They are doing great. My mom has him walking every day on a leash and he sleeps with her in bed.  He is so happy. He went to the vet Friday and did very well!!!
My mom is so in love with him. I swear they were meant to be. She spoils him rotten.


Hi, she is doing well getting settled in.  We're been for a couple of walks and car rides today.  Already knows to use her fenced in area.  Eating well, slept through the night.  We already love her to pieces.  I do have one question, I went through all of her medical receipts and I was wondering if they ever tested her for cushings disease.  I didn't see it listed anywhere but some could be missing.  I have a gut feeling that this may be a possibility but I could be wrong.  I've just been through this before and she seems to have similar symptoms.  I'm going to make a vet app't and have her checked out.  Anyway, if you have any info that would be great.  I am also going to have the vet address the skin issue.  She's not to bad but sometimes licks her back.  We haven't had any anxiety issues so far, she is calm and relaxed.  She is just a sweetheart.  Also, congratulations on you new grandchild.II have an appointment for her tomorrow at the vet.  I just want to see what she thinks, maybe get some blood work also address her skin issue.  The med bottle that Jean gave me was empty.  See if there is some allergy testing that could be done and get some more medication for her.  Want her to be as comfortable as possible.  She is one sweet girl.  I will let you know what happens.  Not to worry, she is in good hands.
7/31/16: Hi, She is doing great.  No thunderstorms but we had some people shooting off fireworks one night, no anxiety.  She looked up a couple of times but no shaking or obvious anxiety.  She sleeps through the night, gets up between 7 to 8 in the morning.  Eating fine, her skin infection is clearing up on the medication, diet, medicated bath.  Just had a bath today, very cooperative.  She is just the sweetest little girl ever.  We go out walking regularly and loves riding in the car.  I couldn't ask for a better dog.  From everything I have seen so far, she is very comfortable here.  We will be seeing the vet in a couple of weeks for a repeat blood test for her pancreatic enzymes and skin check.  She's a keeper.  I'll have to send you some pictures. Yes, please do consider her adopted. Thanks. 
Hi Cathie:  A little update on Angel.  She's doing much better.  We had to change some medications for her skin.  Different antibiotic and she was started on Apoquel for the inflammation.  Also an additional medicated shampoo.  The vet also put her on Solliquin for relaxation (herbal prep).  Her skin has cleared up nicely and she is not licking, biting and scratching anymore.  Very happy girl.  We are still doing outdoor training for potty breaks.  We found that she has an aversion to going outside of the house to do her business.  That is coming along well too.  She is using her dog door more and has had no accidents in the house.  Sleeps all night without needing to go out.  We retested her pancreatic enzymes and it has come down from last time, almost to the normal range.  We'll retest in a month or so.  All things considered, she is a wonderful dog.  Can't believe someone gave her up.  Glad she was sent to me.  Sending along some pictures from our time on the walking trail in Wolfeboro.  Also, did you receive my check for her, I noticed it hasn't been cashed yet.  Maryann



Hi Cathie, We have had Oliver home for an hour and a half and so far it is going well. We took all of the kids for a walk and now he is napping (at the top of the picture) with the girls. Marvin and Kreen
Hi Cathie, Of course we will keep you updated. He is settling in. He loves attention and will paw our arms to get it. He definitely prefers carpets. Our kitchen has tile floors and he was hesitant at first but is now moving around in the kitchen with more confidence. The dining room has a hardwood floor and he stops right at the threshold and treats that room as off limits. The rest of our home with the exception of the bathrooms are carpeted. The girls have been very accepting of their new brother. E love his coat. It is sooo soft and looks great. We have him scheduled for grooming with the girls in two weeks and we are not going to give him a puppy this first time and see how that goes. Thanks again, Marvin & Kreen

Hi Cathie, Oliver continues to do well. He is becoming Kreen's little buddy! He comes to me also but he is definitely a Momma's boy.
He has met our two grandsons. That went well. He snuggled between Kreen and the youngest. The boys are used to small dogs having been around Coco all of their lives. He has done all of his #2's outside yesterday and today so far! Marvin and Kreen
Yes, you can mark him as adopted! He is an awesome little guy and as you said, he is a very sweet boy! We know what you mean by the haircut.  When we get him groomed next weekend we originally were going to leave his hair longer than we usually do for the girls, but now we are thinking of going shorter to try to get everything more symmetrical and then see what happens after that. As a minimum we would like his face and head to look more like Coco, whose picture we attached. Thank you, Marvin and Kreen

Hi Cathie, Here is a phony of Oliver watching the Olympics. He is such a funny guy. Sometimes he makes a noise that almost sounds like a purr when he is getting scratched behind the ears! How are your newbies Rio and Lola doing? It really sucks that anyone could treat their dog like Lola was treated. We love the photo where just her head is peeking out from the blanket. Marvin and Kreen



 Hi Cathie— things are good here. He’s great with Roxie, Luke and the rest of us and although he still doesn’t love it when people leave a room, we haven’t really had any big trouble with that. He is quite settled in to the routine and seems happy. He’s a good boy and barks to go out most of the time, and he is listening to me and not stealing Roxie’s food the second I put it down. At night he goes right up to my room and walks into his crate… no barking, just settles in for the night.
Still having big problems with other dogs when I take him outside for walks. Haven’t tried again with big Teddy yet, but yesterday another neighborhood dog came over to him and he went crazy charging, growling and biting. When the other dog moved away, Teddy was so wrapped up in his fit that he actually turned on Roxie for no reason at all. I picked him up because I couldn’t get him to calm down, and he was still growling. After a few No’s he settled down and we moved on, but I’m not loving the behavior! Im so surprised because he has been with a pack of dogs at your house…. but we haven’t encountered any small dogs yet so I’m wondering if it is a size issue. Unfortunately, the couple friends that I have who have smaller dogs are very overprotective and don’t want to experiment. We’ll just have to wait and see.
5/26/16: Great— will try squirt bottle on walks before anything else. Haven’t been out with him on walks this week— absolutely buried at work so not much play time. He will get desensitized eventually (if anybody will trust him around their dogs!) I’m determined to correct that one for sure. For other stuff he seems to respond really well. He had been going for Roxie’s food as soon as I put it down, and I was telling him to ‘leave it’ and now he’s good and waits for his instead. It’s super hard to make Roxie the alpha when it’s just not in her at all. She could care less. We just keep giving her the status anyway and hope that he gets it. Meanwhile, Teddy and Luke just keep duking it out for first place while Roxie sits on the sidelines. My money’s on Luke. The whole thing is pretty interesting to watch. We are careful not to bring Teddy up on the sofa (where they’re allowed) or our bed at night just to reinforce his position in the pecking order for now. So hard though… he has that irresistible face! He definitely knows I’m in control and other than the walk/other dog issue he’s been great. 
Thanks! Stacey
7/13/16:Hi Cathie— he’s doing awesome. I absolutely adore him. He really is the perfect fit for this household. I wish I hadn’t missed out on his first 8 years! Still not great with the big dogs but gets on fine with small ones that are able to put him in his place after he tries to dominate. 
Hope all is well and you are enjoying your summer!



Hi Kerri, He's doing really good actually. He'll come up and sit with us on the couch. Cuddles has to be there initially, but he stays now even if she gets down. He actually got on my lap and sat for a few minutes but jumped down for supper time. Still having some issues with the pee pads, not as many, but he goes out for his other duty. I think I figured out his que, he'll go to the back door a couple times and looks out the door, as soon as he gets out he goes. He still likes his bed, he'll roll around in it and the fur on his head is all static so it sticks up all over. Cuddles still sleeps in hers, he'll get up on the back and thats how they sleep at night. He gets up on the couch arm and greets us with Cuddles when we get home now too. I've attached another pic of the 2 of them snuggled up with each other. Tried to get some of him sitting up but when I go for the camera he gets up and follows me. All in all, he's fitting in with us. Feeling very confident he's "approved" us.
Dave H.


Hi Kerri, I was going to email you this morning. Baxter is the SWEETEST boy I ever seen! We are so in love, specially Adam since now he feels he finally has a dog he can play ball. Baxter is exactly like you said, loves to play, when we take him for his daily walk he charges at other dogs (but never does with Liberace unless Liberace goes for his food so I am supervising their meal time since they have a tendency to eat each other's food). They are not BFF's yet (mostly because Liberace is a weirdo) but they sleep close to each other in the couch when I am working. We are taking Baxter for a 20 minutes walk to work on his bootylicious figure I want to thank you for all the work you do and to make it possible for people like me to not have a pet but to feel in the longest time that I have a family. Adam and I would be honored to have Baxter forever with us and I am sure Liberace deep inside thinks the same. Again, thank you and please make it official otherwise I will kidnap Baxter! :) I will keep you posted on the progress and send you pictures. Have a great week and please let me know if Baxter can be forever mine and if there is anything else we need to do!

Primrose & Petunia

Hi Cathie, The newbie's are getting along just great.  Each day they are getting used to being here.  It is easy to see they will be so happy living
here and we will be so happy to have them.  We are very grateful to have them. Thanks so much!
Ron and Donna 


Nina w/Boo & Kent w/Ike left and Bentley right

Thanks for checking in with us. Bentley is doing just fine. The other two dogs seem to have accepted him and there is no problem there. We were a little worried last night because he didn't eat or drink all day. New environment, nerves? But this morning he had a good breakfast and drank some water, so all good. He loves being outside in the yard. He is a real sweetheart! Thank you so much for all you have done for us. I called my vet yesterday and left a message. She will be getting back to me probably tomorrow and I am going to have her come, check him out and give her all his paper work on his shots.
 Kent & Nina
3/12/16;We would like to make it official that we are adopting Bentley. He has fit right in with our other two dogs and are so happy that he is now part of our family. We cannot thank you enough for everything you have done. We will keep in touch with you, from time to time and let you know how he is doing. Again, thank you for bringing him into our lives.
 Kent and Nina Thomas


5/2/16: Hi Cathie! Just wanted to let you know that "Mr. Bentley" is doing fine. We, and he, couldn't be happier. He fit right in and has developed a real bond with our other two dogs. We took them all to the groomers and thought you might want to see a pic of this handsome guy. We want to thank you again for bringing him into our lives!!!
Kent Thomas


They are doing very good. They sometimes share a bed. They go outside together and wait for each other to come back in. Rosey hangs out on the first floor except when she goes to bed at night but Lola goes all over the house. She is a little love bug and is friendly with everyone.

2/27: Hello, from the Girls!

Lola & Rosey


Hi Kerri, Jerry (now Rocky) was very good. He was good until 6am then and then he let me know he had to go out. He slept with me and gizmo all night. He is so sweet He is doing fine. He is eating and checking the place out. I think he knows he is in a good place. I speak softly to him so he will not be afraid. Thank you,

1/11/16 Hi Kerri, I think Gizmo is a little jealous, he does not come and sit with me like he used to so I pick him up and give him kisses and  the three of us sit on the chair.  One on each side of me.  Jerry (now Rocky) and Gizmo like each other though.  We all slept together last night.   The two of them follow me all around the house .   Rocky is doing well going out side too.  He goes to the french doors because he knows that is the way out.  I think he really likes the yard.  The snow is gone now so he does the perimeter with Gizmo.  They are so cute together.  When they get to the end of the fence Rocky waits to see where Gizmo is going and then he follows.

1/12/16 Hi Kerri, Yes all is well. I think Jerry (now Rocky) is doing well. He seems comfortable with us and we all sleep together. Rocky loves everyone. My daughter in law and grandson came over today and he went right up to them and put his paws on their legs. He let them pay him and then he went off to the chair. Thank you again.


Hi Cathie! Rick here.  It was very nice to meet you as well. Things seem to be going well here. Dori seems to be comfortable, happy and affectionate.  No issues to speak of so far. Panda's Facebook page is under Panda Foley.  You can also find her as friends in both of our Facebook Friends groups.  Thank you for spending so much time with us today and answering all our questions.  We will check in several times over the next few days.  Best, the gang at the "106" 
Bob, Rick Panda & Dori
1/4/16:Hi Cathie, Just checking in with you about Dory.  She's a sweetheart and a goofball and Rick and I already love her dearly.  She and Panda seem to be getting along better every day--they are now both comfortable sleeping in the same bed at night and Dory has (nearly) stopped stealing Panda's food lol We took Dory to our vet Dr. Stillman this afternoon at the Court St. Animal Hospital here in Plymouth and he removed her stitches and gave her antibiotics and an ointment for an ear infection.  We'd noticed she's been scratching both her ears for long periods (and it was also mentioned in the paperwork you gave us), so hopefully this will make her feel better in a few days. Otherwise, all is going very, very well.  We'll send you another update later in the week. Happy New Year!

1/6/16: Hi Cathie, Don't worry about reimbursing us for the antibiotics--Rick and I are just happy Dory has stopped scratching her ears and is feeling better!  I  just saw your post for little Eddy and I'd rather the money go to his care.  What a little sweetie.  I hope Tufts can figure out what's going on. Definitely mark Dory as adopted!  She is already a loving and loved member of our family. Here are a few pics...we'll send along updates soon!



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