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Happy Tails 2017

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Eddy & Rio

Hi I am Eddy and this is my foster brother Rio, we just got adopted to a very nice mom and dad. We have a nice yard to play in with lots of toys. We go for walks and car rides, we also keep mom and dad warm in a nice big bed. Rio likes to steal shoes and moms glasses and I kind of like to torment my brother but mom and dad love us just the same.  Daddy is teaching Us how to sit for a snack, I think we're going to be very happy here. I hope all the other rescue dogs gets a nice home too. And Rio and I would like to thank Kerri, our foster mom for taking care of us until we found our forever home. Hugs and kisses❤️


Thank you Yorkies Inc, for our new Furry Baby Tyson.  We love him so much.  Tyson is a love bug, and we can't help spoiling him.  


Reddy now Rianna

Keith w/Rianna(Reddy) & Lisa w/Alma

I don't know if you can see these very clearly but our new baby has been on her bed next to the fireplace for well over an hour. She fits right in. Has already been trying to jump on the chairs and the couch to get up to be with Alma and she started spinning around so I thought maybe that meant she wanted to eat and she did. She ate every bit . She knows where the water bowl is. She did do PeePee on the rug but that's OK we're working on that. She lays next to Alma. So I think this is a wonderful match. Thank you so much. I will be in touch. I am so happy I just wanted to send you this now.

3/23:We are calling her Rianna and she already knows her name. I read about how to help a pet recognize a new name. I love when she lifts her head high when she wants to be pet there. I love her and I am thrilled that Alma loves her too and Keith of course. Alma loving her so much was the topping on the cake! Lisa
Is it Official??!! Am I officially Lisa & Keith's baby and Alma's Little sissy now? Love, Rianna

Yes! Yeah! Woot hoot! Ruff Ruff! I know it's official because I heard Rianna bark today and a little growl while having fun playing with Alma and Keith, the first time that we ever heard her make so much fun sounds - just a little bark or two and some fun growly sounds. Thank you so much I will still periodically send you pictures.
Love Lisa

Libby now Zoe



She was terrific on the flight. She is starting to really feel at home. Been using the potty pad and loves to sleep with her Blankey. She's just lurking around the house. Sir peanut is still a little flipped out but they're starting to get along quickly. Thank you so much for allowing us to adopt Willow.
Rich Rosenstein

YoYo now Diego

Ruben w/Yoyo now "Diego" & Julio w/Patrick also adopted from Yorkies Inc.

Diego has been with us for two weeks now.  His adjustment has been fast.  I think it helps Patrick is around to show him his new “accommodations” and “patterns to follow”.   The first day he went outside to the patio, he could not understand it and he was afraid, by the second day after he realized what Patrick was doing, he just followed his lead and now he runs out after Patrick and they both do what needs to be done. He has been trying to make Patrick play with him for two weeks but no luck so far.  He will engage for 1-2 minutes and then he goes away to do his own stuff.  He adjusted easily to food schedule, at first he did not make sense of the “raw vegetable snacks” but within two days he started enjoying his carrots, zucchini and broccoli, he actually likes it.
I am not sure if he had spend a day without people in the house but the first couple days we could see in the security camera he was running around from the moment we left to the moment we came back.  By the end of his first week, he learned to take “naps” during the day.One more time, thank you for letting us take Diego and I will keep you posted in our future trips (he needs to start filling his little passport to catch up with Patrick).
thank you,
Julio Quintana-Rizzo & Ruben Montano-Lopez




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