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Patti now Tallulah

Erin with ZuZu left & Patti now Tallulah right

Hi Kathy, Well one week in and all seem to be settling in....Zuzu is coming around slowly. She has her moments but they are fewer...Now Patti is also finding her voice and place.  Guess who can do stairs now!!!!!!  She is a love and things are looking up  :)
update 4/6: Hi, I  just wanted to thank you also for your patience.  You'll never believe who is getting along....they are sitting together with us on the couch and playing!!  I am very happy with this :) I just saw Yorkies Inc got new additions .....very cute! Thanks again

Maggie & Archie

Margie holding Archie & Dan with Maggie

Hi Cathie, Maggie and Archie are doing well. We are very blessed to have them. They act like husband and wife. One minute hugging and next minute complaining about something. Love being outside with their dog buddies Shelby and Bella who live next door. Going for walks, chasing anything, and sleeping together. Maggie gives plenty of kisses and Archie needs his belly rubs. Thanks for putting the joy back into our lives. Love. Kisses, Hugs, Licks  
The Vettese’s~ Margie, Dan, Maggie & Archie

LuLu & Vincent

Hi Kerri, Vincent and Lulu (now Teddy and Lucy) are doing great. They seem very happy that they are staying and we are thrilled.  They have stopped barking at every noise they hear, and seem more and more comfortable and relaxed here every day. They are enjoying playing with Brooklyn and sometimes even Lily. I did not plan to have 4 dogs, but am so happy that they are part of our family...my first foster failure times 2!
Thanks for bringing them into our lives.



So I thought I could be a foster mom? It was a great idea my little Tony would have someone to play with and another yorkie would get a chance at a new home. Then Doogie came into our life, Tony loved him so much and so did I so we are now a family of three and we are so very happy. How could you not love this guy...


Moxie & Koffee

Hi They are doing well. We are working on potty skills. I almost have them masters of the stairs for the bed. They snuggled so close to me last night I thought I might squish Moxie. Koffee loves the yard he even tried walking on the high snow. Marty is a little shy of them. But, they are checking each other out. I think Moxie likes him. I am sure once he gets used to them he will warm up.
Regards Gisele
3/14/14: Adopted Absolutely!!! I was always planning on furever! They act like they've lived here all their lives.;-)

Rocket now Wesley

Hi Kerri,  We have all fallen in love with him.  He is such a love bug and loves to snuggle with all of us.  He checked out at the vet and is a very healthy boy.  He is a part of our family now and it seems as if he has been with us forever.  He has gotten used to being on a leash and he loves to walk in the neighborhood.  We are so happy he has come into our lives!
Thank you for all you do,
The Whitehouse Family


Stephen Glass & his wife Judy with their daughter Jen Conrad & family w/ Toby
Toby is so sweet and loving! He has not had an accident in the house and we've been very committed to taking him out every 2 to 3 hours. He has gone pee outside three times! He is great with the kids and my husband also adores him. I will say he is very attached to me and loves to follow me around. As far as the food, he really wouldn't touch the bites that you had given to me, so I put just a bit of the wet with the bites on top and that was it! Hopefully the more confident he becomes here the more playful he will become. I think he is still soaking it all in! We are in love though! I did attach a picture of him snuggled into Michael's legs...Quick question though, did he have a heartguard chew yet or no?

Toby with new daddy Michael

update3/3/14: I bought the Fromm Chicken A-La Veg and he loves it!  He is eating that in the morning and in the afternoon.  I have to say he has really perked up.  This morning he went into Jordan’s room and took a stuffed animal of hers and brought it to us to play!  He has even started to bark a little…we had friends over last night and when he heard the car doors he barked and as soon as they came in the house he went right over to them.  We absolutely adore him! Friday afternoon I am taking him to West Side Animal Clinic where we have gone for years and he will have the stitches taken out and a well visit follow up.  I will definitely let you know how that goes! Thanks for everything! Awesome-he is awesome!  We are just having a blast with Sir Toby



Hi Cathie and John, We are home and all is going well.  Punkin did fine on the ride home and Mr.Bo has taken to Punkin like it is his baby.  Bailey is adjusting well and letting Bo take the alpha role.  We will keep you updated on their progress.  We will send along some pics during the week.
2/24/14:Good morning Cathie, Punkin did very well last night and they are all doing well adjusting.  We love him and he is making a wonderful addition to the family.  Thank you for all the sacrifices you make in order to provide for these little guys!  Glenn and I  felt like we were longtime friends.... It was very comfortable being with you.....
XO Diane
2/27/14:Hi Cathie, Punkin is doing very well as are Bailey and Bo..... We just love the lil guy!  We have an appt on Saturday to have him seen by our vet and suspect he will come away with a clean bill of health. He certainly has a healthy appetite and chows down so quickly that I have placed a couple of golf balls in his bowl to help slow him down and it has helped giving him a "better dining experience" :) I just groomed Bailey and Bo and now they are all cuddled together. He loves to sit in our lap! When we sit on the floor with him, he gets into our lap and cuddles in :)He sleeps in the carrier at the head of our bed and is very content in doing so. I am sure we a quite the sight to see when we are all in bed.... Good thing it's a king bed! He has quite the bark when he hears someone come in.... Quite the guard dog! Shirley called this week to see how everything was going and I sent her a couple of pics. Talk soon XO Diane

2/28:14: Cathie, You can update Punkin as "adopted".  It was meant to be!  I was drawn to this little guy the first time I saw him.  I can't thank you enough for keeping me updated on him as that is what got us to where we are now!  I believe everything happens for a reason and can say that the reasons are many when it comes to Punkin.  We met Shirley and Simi and then you and John.  Glenn and I have discussed often this week about what you and John do for these little guys....We don't know how you do it for soo many but we are very happy that the world has people like the two of you. We will keep in touch and I am already planting seeds that an even number would be better:).  I think we are very fortunate to have such loving husbands:) 
3/1/14:Cathie, We are thrilled to be part of the Yorkies Inc family!  We love you and we have been singing your praises. I started the heartworm today and will continue the 1st of each month.  We will stay in touch and we look forward to seeing you mid September for the 10 year reunion.
Cathie, I want to let you know that Punkin is doing well.  He is positioning himself as the alpha dog.... Quite entertaining to watch!!!!! He does well sleeping at the head of the bed in a little larger carrier then we picked him up in.  He is fondly attached to the little blanket you sent home with him and we keep that in that carrier when he sleeps.  His appetite is very good and he gets a dose of exercise pouncing on Bailey and Bo.  Bo is papa bear always keeping an eye out for him:). I will get a video of them to you soon.


Hi Kerrianne, Just a quick note to let you know Bently is doing just fine and has blended in perfectly with our family.  Like I said the other day, you would not think he is new around here! He and our other dog Sunday, who we adopted last July, have turned into playmates. You should have seen Bently running around out back the other day trying to catch up with Sunday!  They run up and down the hall with their toys in the their mouths, taking them from each other when they reach their destination, then start all over again. Bently is eating much better and has fallen into our routine.  I have my sweets at night before bedtime, Bently and Sunday (and the cat) have theirs too, then we are off to bed. He sleeps through the night. He and Sunday snuggle between my husband and I.  My cat  is back on the bed now too once my husband gets up for work. I have taken Bently to my veterinarian and he received a clean bill of health and I had him groomed last week as well. We all just love him! Thanks for everything and will talk with you soon. 


Kelly holding Lacie with Penny

 Hi Kerri, 
I just wanted to send you a quick update on Lacie. She is a delight!  She has so much personality! She is doing great, eating well, sleeping well (in her dog bed & in my bed) & is settling into a new routine here pretty easily. She & Penny are getting along fine, still getting to know each other. Last night was my first night working since she arrived, she did great at my parents house, but I have had her there almost every day for visits to get comfortable there, which took about a minute! She even has her own dog bed over there as well & she slept on it last night, & spent some time on their bed. She is taking her medication every day without any trouble, she is almost done with her antibiotic as well. I already cannot imagine not having her here as part of my family. I don't know how long you give as the "trial" period, but on my end, it's terrific, I love her, & want to give her the forever home she deserves. Talk to you soon.
  Kelly, Penny & Lacie : )



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