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Hi Kerrianne, Babu is doing so great ! It's now been a week and a half and we can't believe how easy he has transitioned into our family .  He tries every day to get his new "big brother" Louie to love him .  Lol ! So cute to watch .  Even Louie is finding it hard to resist him . Babu's young spirit and playful antics have truly helped us through the loss of our beloved Griffen .  We can't thank you enough for bringing us together with this wonderful pup! With a happy heart,
Cathy, Jack and of course Louie ;-)
1/16/15 Hi Kerrianne,My husband and I decided we definitely want to move forward with the adoption. He has 100% won over our hearts. We couldn't be happier. He just had his first bath here. No surprise... He did great !!! And LOL he is such a little chow hound !!!! ( Louie is a nibbler )
What's next ? Cathy


Hi! So far so good. She was absolutely perfect on ride home. Quiet and napping in her carry case! Lulu growled at her ...her usually first mo... And ella has NOT TAKEN HER EYES OFF ME SINCE WE GOT HOME!!! She's at my heels!!! She used her pee pad - I praised her and gave her two kibble bits and you'd think I have her a side of beef!!! So cute!! You are a good match maker!!! Pleasure meeting you and your pack!!! Will give you update how the night goes!!!

Hi Cathie, The night went well! I had both dogs in my  bedroom in a sectioned off area separated by a gate. Ellie( we changed her name from Ella to Ellie because " Ella" reminds Stuart of his elderly aunt Ella and he can't seem to get past that!) must have stared at me the whole night because every time I checked on her she was staring at me!!!She was quiet, polite and used her pee pad. Lulu on the other hand was restless. She kept pacing. I think she finally realized there was another pup close by and being sensory deprived was a bit anxious. She will adjust. Stuart seems to think you said Ellie slept in her crate. I have a crate here with her blanket but she wasn't happy in it. Did she sleep in her crate with the door closed? This morning I put Ellie in Stuart's charge after feeding her. She seems so hungry and seems to be looking for food often. Do you think 1/4 cup 2x a day sufficient? I might sneak in a 3rd feeding. What do you think? Anyway, interesting note: lulu is napping nicely now that Ellie is with Stuart!!!!You know what they say about teaching old dog new tricks!!!Lulu will be fine. Ellie used her pee pad this morning first thing and then after eating!!!Awesome!!!!Interesting is that Ellie has not noticed our parrot Jingles yet!!!(it's because she only has eyes for me) I told Stuart she was stalking me!!!she follows me every where! I'm happy she has no interest in our bird. That's a good thing.
Ok Denise here, reporting and signing off on day two!!! All is well!
1/4/15:Hi Cathie, So far so good!!! Today a shopping day for new bed, new harness and extra pop up play pen for occasional days at office!
Ellie using pee pads. Hasn't been outside yet (too wet and cold). Right now she's cat napping on bed - she can't get close enough to me... Too funny. Lulu is ignoring her and you were right, Ellie is respecting that and will give her  a quick sniff and then leaves her alone. Ordered Artemis ( spelling) on Amazon. She's not loving the duck flavored kibble that stuart picked up- will go get the sweet potato variety later. So all is well in pup Ville here. I just wanted to give you an update in case you were wondering how it was going. She's not loving the crate. I'm leaving door open for now, her blanket is in it and I occasional hide some kibble in there so she goes in and searches every now and then. I think it's because it's not a pretty designer crate!!!! I'll work on that. 
Later! Denise
1/5/15:Hi Cathie, Another good day! She's making herself right at home!! Today we are going into our office to show her off! To be continued:
Denise and Ellie
Hi Cathie, Just an update: all is well here!! Ellie has adjusted well...Lulu getting used to her. You were right, Ellie is very respectful of Lulus space. I have a vet appointment for lulu this Wednesday- just to introduce her to our vet! I already showed him her photo!! She's eating well, behaving well, seems to like us! I'll keep in touch!
1/22/15: Hi Cathie, Just another update...Ellie is perfect!!! She's at my side every minute yet is content if I leave her alone for a few hours. She "guards" lulu while we are out in that she will sleep right outside Lulu's favorite sleeping spot in our closet! Lulu seems to be getting used to idea that she's here. You are a wonderful match maker! Keep up the good work!
Denise Lulu and Ellie


Hi Kerri, Little Willie has become Daddy's Boy. He gets up on the couch beside him and he's been sleeping in his bed with him. He is kissing both of us now. He plays with the girls. He's not staying away as far as he was. He seems to be coming around. They've been out in the yard a few times today. Wow, he loves to run. No problems getting him to come back in.
12-28-14Hi Kerri, Willie is getting on the couch all the time with me. Even if Anna and Elsa aren't there. He slept with me last night. This morning giving me kisses and he wanted his belly rubbed. He is coming over to me during the day if I have my hands down or I am holding something and kissing me. He even just comes over to kiss my hands. He's making a lot if progress.

Elsa & Anna

Hi Kerri,  Elsa and Anna are doing great. They are so sweet and loving.  My Stella has been ignoring them and Sophie made it known to them that the balls are hers, by taking them and hiding them all.. Which the girls don't care about anyway they love their stuffed toys. They want Sophie to play but she isn't ready yet. So far today after that it's all been quiet. Elsa and Anna are always together and follow each other around and playing together. Stella and Sophie are staying on the love seat and the girls are coming on the couch to kiss and cuddle. They almost fell asleep on both sides of me earlier but the TV made a different sound then they got down. I got up at 5:30 this morning with all of them. I put down 2 bowls for Elsa and Anna. Fed them together. They both kept eating out of the 2 bowls. I don't know if 1 had more than the other . Maybe I should gate them 1 at a time in the dining room?  Will keep in touch ......Thank you so much!  Nancy


Hi Kerri, Rikki is great!  She has adjusted well and is so sweet.  She goes potty as soon as we take her out, but she still won't ask to go out. Any
suggestions about how I can get her to ask to go out so she doesn't have to wait till we bring her out?  My grandchildren love her and she has adjusted to them and is very good with them when they visit. she is attached to my hip, where I go she goes. Stay in touch...


Hi Cathie, Mary came straight to my shop to show off Fionna, who is beautiful and adorable and affectionate, but boy oh boy does she already know who "mom" is.  I had to remind her she couldn't fly just because Mary reached out for her!! I was on the phone with Wendy when Mary and Fionna came in, so she knows all is well also.  But what a day they had--very shortly after Mary left your house, she had a flat tire.  They went to the nearest "car fix-it place" and ended up with a new tire and new front brake shoes. Whew! She and Fionna sat together in the waiting room at this place and visited with other customers and their little dog and the owner of the shop showed pix of his Chihuahua, so it was all very congenial.   As Mary said, they might as well start off with an adventure!!  So, the car is fixed, the brakes are good, they got home on an earlier boat. Fionna ate like a starving dog, just as you said she would, Mary is completely enamored of her, she pooped twice outdoors, this morning they woke up at 6:00 and stepped outside so Fionna could take advantage of the grassy lawn, which she did, and then back to bed they went!!  Mary doesn't know if she snored, because she didn't wake her up, but she said she slept on the bed all night.  She ate like a starving dog again this morning . . .Mary's friends are all calling her and there's a meet and greet happening a little later at a friend's house.  Mary is just ecstatic, so thank you so very much.  She is smiling again and that awful heavy sad loneliness is gone.  Dogs are good for us, aren't they?! Mary has had three dogs, all rescues--Maggie the cavalier died of heart failure within a few months, Lucy the mostly long-haired Chihuahua died of old age, and Trixie the perfect Pomeranian of heart disease.  Lucy's clothes look like they'll fit Fionna, but Wendy is also sending up a couple sweaters that dogs who live in Florida definitely don't need!  Fionna would swim in Trixie's stuff, but thankfully Mary held on to Lucy's!!  So Miss Fionna is holding court, gladly welcomed by all, and will be darned well-dressed!!  Now if Mary can only get her elastic and barrette back on!!
They have an appointment to see Dr. Dave on Tuesday . . .So thank you, thank you, thank you . . . don't worry about Fionna.  We know you'll miss her, but she is going to be a well-loved and happy little dog, I promise!  
Best, Kerry



Hi Cathie,  Oh she's a love!  Loves her walks, sleeps in our bed, plays with Corey...perfect.  Here's a picture of the two of them. Nicole was so kind telling me what she can remember of Lucy's past but when you get a chance can you email it to me so I'll have it? Take Care and Thank you so much, Deb

12/4/2014: Hi Cathie, Lucy is doing beautifully here. She and Corey are best friends and she's improving on her housebreaking. We took her to our vet and she passed with flying colors. He even complimented your organization on the thorough work up! Mark, Lucy, Corey and I will be flying to Florida after Christmas for a week to visit my Dad. I can't wait. I've attached a couple of pictures this time.  Thanks so much for everything you did for Lucy. Happy Holidays Deb
Middle picture is Lucy and Corey kissing  each other and the third pic is my daughter and her husband and their dog Charlotte the English Bulldog. All three are best friends!


Georgia now Angel

Hi Cathie, Thank you so much for all of your help with adopting Georgia.... She is such an angel that we have decided to change her name to "Angel". She was a little nervous the first day she was here, but with each passing day she is more and more comfortable. At first, she was under my feet everywhere I would go, But in a few short weeks she has taken up residence in our bed hanging out with her brother Sebastian. Sebastian was not interested in her at all at first but once he figured out that she's staying, he keeps trying to get her to play. She won't play with him yet, but is trying to get me to play with her so we're hoping she will play with him eventually. We are soooo happy with our new girl, we just can't thank you enough!
Karen and Jeff Williams



Hi Kerri, Tommy has been doing very well. We set him up in the living room with his bed and blanket when at work. He has been holding it until we get home. Eating and pooping like a champ. He has only used the pee pad once since he has been here. Overall he is doing great. He and Japer seen to be getting along with out any issues. Thank you,

10/28/14 Hi Kerri, Tommy is a little delight. The two of them are getting along very well. Ashling is in love with Tommy and Tommy is in love with Ashling. He is definitely a Mommy's boy, where Jasper is a daddy's boy. We had our wellness exam at the vet last night and Tommy is in perfect health, with the exception of his teeth; which we knew.
Jasper is doing very well he was putting weight on his foot yesterday. The bone biopsy will take a grueling two weeks to get back, so we get to worry and think about the worst until then. However, he is in less pain than he was before, and is getting friskier by the day.
This is Jasper and Tommy on and against my lap after the surgery on Friday. They really are getting along very well for two old men. ;)

Clover now Violet

 Hi Kerri,We love Clover Violet. She gets along great with our shih tzu Madison, they play in the back yard. She is using her wee wee pads she's doing great.  We are making a vet appointment on Monday. Thank you, George and Dawn woof woof from Clover Violet!

10/28/14: Hi Kerri, Just wanted you to know that Clover Violet saw the vet. She is healthy and they all think she is adorable! She is doing very well. Thank you again!

 11/7/14 Hi Kerri:  We are so very grateful that you chose us to be clover's adopted mommy and daddy.  We appreciate all the time and effort that it takes to get these special babies adopted.  We changed her name to Violet.  She is the sweetest little doggie ever. She is doing very well using her wee wee pads and pottying outside. Hardly any accidents.  She plays with my shihtzu Maddie, they just love each other.  She loves her rails to trails walks, she also loves the beach. Can't wait to take her on vacation next year.  She is also traveling much better in the car in a crate, soon she will graduate and get a doggie carseat.  I will try to post some pictures throughout the year using my daughter's I phone. Thanx so much for this angel   Dawn and George


Hi Kerri, Wanted to let you know how well it is going with Izzy.  She is so sweet and adjusting beautifully!  Yoda is teaching her how to play, and potty training is going well. She is such a love bug. Wants to sit on our laps and lick our faces. She is getting plenty of love here and giving it in return. I think you can call this a successful match.  Thanks so much for our beautiful new family member!



Hi Cathie, Thank you very much for the visit yesterday.  So far so good with Bambi, she seems to be adjusting well.  We got her a crate  and she slept in there all night.  Jennifer is learning to walk her with the leash and they seem to be getting along great.  Bambi loves to sit on Jennifer’s lap and take a nap.  Enclosed is a picture of the two of them.  We’ll keep you posted on how it is going over the next couple of days. Thanks again. John Lautieri
Update 10/21/14: Hi Cathie,  I was just writing to you. Thanks for the information on the stitches and other medication.  Bambi is doing great and we would like to formally adopt her, please let me know if there is anything else you need from us or what the next steps would be. Bambi is doing great. She has been going outside and has only had 1 accident, she is very smart and will let you know when she wants or needs something.  She is walking on the leash with Jennifer and they both get along great together and when Bambi sees Jennifer after school or first thing in the morning she stand up on her back legs and jumps around.  They are getting to be best friends. Thank you again and let me know next steps to adopt Bambi. John Lautieri

10/22/14: Hi Cathie, Sounds like a plan, Gail will be making an appointment with the vet to have her rechecked and also to have her stitches removed.  Once that is all set we will let you know.  Bambi is doing better with the stairs and seems to do well with the stairs in and out of the house and the ones on the deck.  The inside stairs are still a challenge for her, maybe because they are more slippery with the hardwood, but I think she will get there. John Lautieri
Hi Cathie, Gail just got back from the Mansfield Animal hospital, Bambi had her stitches removed and was rechecked (I don’t think there was much to do on this since she was just there), we have also established her in our name.  I think we should be all set, unless you need anything else. Thank you again for bringing Bambi into our family.  We look forward to keeping in touch. John

11/10/14:Hi Cathie, Just checking in, Bambi is doing great.  She is adapting well and is coming out of her shell even more and becoming more playful.  She is still working on the stairs and seems to have an easier time going up than going down, but we will keep working with her.  She and Jennifer get along great and Jennifer has done a good job of walking, feeding and taking care of her.  Thanks we’ll keep you posted.
John Lautieri


Hi Kerri, Sandy is doing very well - she is just soooooo lovely! We love love love our fabulous new family member! Her and Tank are even playing together - yay!! We are definitely adopting her. Thanks for your patience. Also, we would like to adopt another dog in mid-November so please
keep us in mind - either Maltese, Yorkie or Morkie.


Bobbie now Bailey

Dear Margo and Ron, Thank you for taking such good care of this beautiful little dog, she is just wonderful. We have had a couple of issues with going to the bathroom in the wrong places, but I am planning to replace the carpet when my renovation is completed so I don't care. I brought her right into the house when we arrived home and set her on a pee-pee pad, but she was not interested and went in the hall. I took her out on my back porch with a leash after her dinner at 5pm and she was comfortable with going out there. I bought a small crate and put it in my kitchen with the door open. I was doing some cooking and she went right in and made herself comfortable. She has no problem running up stairs to my bedroom. We spent the afternoon resting on my bed together. I bought 3 pet beds and she has chosen one of the two I put in my bedroom. I hope she can spend a good night there. I would not have a problem if she slept on top of my bed as my other dogs had done. I believe you said she liked to go under the covers so am really thrilled that you thought about the fact that her forever parents might not like that. I am a very restless sleeper and would be so afraid I would rollover on her. So once again I am great full for your forethought. She is now resting in her own bed in my bedroom. I will bring up a pee-pee pad for her to use tonight. I'm leaving most of my lights on until I learn her habits, to make sure she is safe. Will keep you informed of our progress and send some pictures. Thank you for the new tips. Sincerely,
Update 10/10/14:
Please mark her adopted. Sorry, I didn't answer sooner, Bailey and I were shopping for dog food and a new pet gate. We're off now to pick up my grandchildren at school. Have a great weekend.

Chilin now Abby

Hi Kerri, Just a quick note to let you know that Abby (the dog formerly known as “Chilin”) is doing great!  She has already taken over our house and is quickly become a member of our family.  We’re amazed at how quickly she adapted to having only three paws.  She is a very energetic pup and runs, jumps and plays as would any other dog. We’re grateful to you and the organization for her rescue and the subsequent medical assistance.  We hope to have her for a long time.

Joe and Lynn D’Lando 

Hi Kerri, She is doing great. I gave her a bath today. She was real good. She is eating and is very peppy and funny. Plays a lot even by herself with toys. We really don't like her name so decided to change it. I don't typically like to do that but she is too cute for that name. We picked Abigail (will call her Abby) hope you like it. She is so sweet and funny and loves toys. Look at my living room floor scattered with toys. I feel like I have a toddler in the house. Thank you for everything we just love her!



Hi Cathie, I'm sorry for the delay in responding to your message - the humid weather tends to sap my strength even when I'm not outside - and my girlfriend and I have been taking a lot of naps.  Happy to say that the urination issues with Pudge have been resolved - I think I was overly concerned because Stevie had kidney problems. I'm feeling quite happy - and feeling like my old self again - now that I have Pudge with me - and I think she is happy too, even though she does chew me out quite a bit!  I hope you and you family and little ones are all well - and if you have any more questions do not hesitate to get in touch.
Best, Doris



Hi Cathie, Kreeah is home and settling in quite nicely.  She definitely is assuming her position within the house. Mr Bo loves, loves loves her.  She is being a bit strong with Punky, making sure he knows where he stands. Glenn thinks she is absolutely adorable!  Stole his heart already!  Funny how women have that affect on men:) I will send some pics and updates over the next couple days. Xo Diane
Update 8/1:
Cathie, need I say more :) We love her!

Kreeah front with Bo center, & Punkin adopted from Yorkies Inc in back



Kerri, We want him! He is so good. He listens, is so great about wanting to go out. Likes to sit in the shade with fresh water while I sit and read outside. He is eating good. Loves to play with toys and Jas is feeling a little better, since being on the ear medication and there has been nice interaction there. No complaints whatever. We just adore him. Where do we go from here? Take him to our vet for a wellness exam? Thank you for everything. Susan

An update. Does Stormy bark?  We haven't heard him yet. No one had an accident. Bob took them out when he got up and fed them breakfast and took them out before he left. I took them out 3 times and Stormy went all 3 times. Still no accidents in the house. He fell asleep on the chair with me and even when I moved him he didn't wake up. Scared me for a moment then I realized he was probably just tired from all of this being so new. He really is a good dog. Susan 

Princess now Nola

 Hi Kerri and Sharon, She is AWESOME!!  Really coming out of her shell.  So funny when she plays!  We have only had two accidents in the house - both of which I caught in the act.  You were right, she IS very smart.  She looks at me for permission sometimes which melts my heart.  She can self soothe after only a couple of minutes of me being out of sight.  Not sure if you got any of my phone emails but we named her Nola.  She is responding to it very well!
 She hates walking in wet grass, but loves to play in it once it dries.  She chases the chickens which is hilarious!  Getting used to the horses.  I am so proud of Ellie for the way she accepted her new little sister!  They are "tolerating" each other at this point, but I have no doubt they will be best buddies.  I promise I'll send pictures when I have time to figure it all out. :-)You can absolutely CASH THAT CHECK! Thank you for everything!!

Jelly Bean & Bear

 Hi Kerri, They are doing great except for the housebreaking :( Working on it. There is no chance that I am returning then, so please feel free to cash the check. They are pretty funny little guys and I am glad to have them. Thanks,
Cheryl Messier

Update 8/7: Hi Kerri, The boys have made themselves at home. So far their beds are unused ..but the couch seems quite suitable to both . they are drinking water and are eating. I have put a pee pad down and one used it. I have been taking them out every hour, but both pooped indoors …a work in progress! But I think they are happy .


Buttercup is a wonderful bundle of joy.  She is a quick learner.  Doing very well going potty outside although 5:30 am is a bit early.  I am sure that will improve in time.  Desi taught her to walk on leash and she has taught him how to play.  She is still sleeping at the foot of bed but will cuddle if I encourage her.  As I am writing this, they are chasing each other around...they are just delightful.  So happy to have them...Thank you, thank you....


Well he's doing really well walking on his leash. Tries like crazy to catch up with his brothers sniffs everything they do. He is a very busy young man!  We went to the beach yesterday he enjoyed the sand and water.... Went for a short swim then a little bath to get the sand off and slept like a log from 9 pm till 6 am.  He is using the little steps to get up on the couch then throws himself into my lap so I can rub his belly.   I think it's all going to work out fine but I will keep you posted.  Below is a picture from last night on the couch squished as close as he could get.  The beach certainly wore him out :) Jo
He did well in the sand we took it really slow he still lifts his leg occasionally .... Usually when we first start to walk and he wants to catch the big boys.  He rarely lifts his leg when he is strolling around the house or in the yard. He found his voice today and was barking up a storm when we heard thunder
Jo Kelliher

7/30/14: Day 5 in Big Brother House.
Danny is doing great   Walks 3 times a day better with his leg in the grass.   Eating up a storm and willing to play all the time 
Jo Kelliher
I just wanted to make it official. Please go ahead and cash my check Danny boy has definitely found his forever home I couldn't give him back if you ask me! Jo


7/18: Hi Kerri, The adjustment process is going well! Consider Annie adopted. She is doing great. She met my sons Lakeland and they got along well. We just love the breed. Thank you for everything!

Hi Kerri, Annie had a real nice ride home. She slept most of the way.  So far, so good. She seems to be adapting very well!  Thank you for all your help! We are very happy with her. She is so sweet. Thanks and have a great night.

Lakeland at the Lake!


Good Morning Cathie, Timi finally barked last night, it was so cute I went to go upstairs and he wanted to come with me then I heard him bark 3 times, so cute, he's really getting attached to me now following me all over. He did cry a little bit after Tony put him in his crate about midnight but he stopped and was fine until I got him out at 5 this morning. I took him outside and he went pee pees and poops again right away, then I brought him in and fed him. I left him in his little bed upstairs in our room with Tony, the door was shut so he couldn't get out. He is such a  joy I love him! I'm so glad I was the lucky one to get him. Thank you again. My daughter is going to go get him after so he can play with her poms. If you have a cell phone I can always forward you pics of him. Have a great day!
Diane Leal

Hi Cathie, Did you get my pictures last night of Timi playing, he has really adapted to us and the dogs next door. We play with a lot now that he feels like he's home. He is so sweet, we really love having him, he's such a good little dog, he's doing  great with going to the bathroom outside. He sleeps in his crate and we never hear a peep out of him until I take him out at 5:00am. Then Tony is with him most of the day unless he has errands to run. I noticed yesterday he used the pee pee pad while we were out. If you have any questions feel free to call me anytime. Thanks
Diane Leal

I brought him in on Monday to meet Dr Haroules, she said he was in great health. Yes they did say he has to fast the night before.
Yes we definitely want to keep him, I forgot how much joy a little dog brings into our lives. Thank so much
Diane Leal
Hi Cathie, Just wanted to give you an update on him, he's doing great, he is well adjusted to his new home. He's so funny when he gets in his playful moods. He still won't give kisses though. He has his play date every day with his little friends. He has an appt on 8/18 for his bile acid test. Hopefully that will be fine. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. We really love our little guy, he's also doing good with pottying outside.
Thanks Diane Leal


Cookie w/JoJo & Spike also adopted from Yorkies Inc.

JoJo's in competition with Spike for my attention! He and Spike both follow me like ducklings, want to be picked up and are with me all the time. He has his belly band on, but it is not wet! When I take him outside, he pees out there, will probably have to wear it only a day or so.
 David thinks he's precious, so do I... I've heard a couple of loud breaths, once around dinner time, and once earlier in my office. When I picked him up after the first honky breath and cuddled him, he was good, back to normal breathing. Hopefully, it's being somewhere new. He has investigated everywhere and slept a little on a bed I have in my office. Fingers are crossed! Thanks again for making the trip with little Jo!
 More later, Cookie

 7/1:We've had a little bit of a rough night, possibly because JoJo was in an unfamiliar sleep space. Put his bed on our bed, but he didn't sleep in it. He honked for about 2 minutes before sleeping. Then, Pippa woke everyone up at 3:30 to go out. When we all returned, JoJo honked for about 5 minutes. I gave him the CVS medicine and he eventually settled down again and went back to sleep. We'll see if it's simply being in a new place. Not ready to give up yet, hopefully the honking will stop completely in the next day or so, as he acclimates to us and the new situation. He's very loving and has attached himself to me, like Spike! I'll let you know how he is during the day today. So far, he and Spike have both pooped upstairs this morning, but that's the easy part to deal with.  Right now, he's at my feet with Spike! Will chat later, hugs back to you, Cookie
He's been really good this morning. David had a friend arrive to help him put up a gate in the fence and another person came by, and he stayed calm as ever, while Rosie and Billy greeted the people with barks. He's been in my office with me & Spike, sleeping in his bed or on a blanket that Spike uses. He's staying between the office & bedroom, mostly wherever I am. Downstairs, he's just exploring around the kitchen and living room. What chaos at mealtime! I can't imagine how you handle it, even in shifts! Jojo tries to steal everyone's food, so we have to hover over them all to keep them at their own bowls! They all get different food, too, like yours, with Pippa on low protein, Spike on low-cal and the others on regular kibble & moist. ttyl, Cookie
Yay, good day, good night, not a honk in sight! Everyone slept through the night. (hey, I'm a poet ) Actually, he had a couple of almost-honky breaths when he was again on the strange bed last night, so I gave him a dose of his med as preventative, and he (and the rest of us) had a perfect sleep, all night. We'll try tonight with no medication and see how he does. He's becoming fast friends with Spike, lying down together on the couch. Probably because they spend so much time together with me! Breakfast was better this morning, we hovered again and set him further away from the others (who are already spread across the kitchen floor!). He seems to cough a little on the larger kibble, so he'll have just the tiny ones. You said that is Natural Balance as well? Is it for small breeds? He's curled up in his bed in my office, so all is good.
 Talk soon, Cookie

 7/3: Hi Cathie, Great day & night! No honking at all, and no meds. Fingers crossed...Billy is the only one affected by the thunder, Spike & JoJo were oblivious, which is good, since it's predicted again today & tomorrow. Plus fireworks in the distance. Have to find Billy's thunder shirt! JoJo looks a little sad in this pic, but I just interrupted him curling up for a morning nap. I think he's liking us :-) . He and Spike swap beds and blankets in my office during the day. I went out a couple of times yesterday for short periods and my father said he behaved himself, no problems. When he picked up JoJo to his lap, Pippa, already in her place on his lap, was the snarly one. She's normally ok, it was having someone else on Poppy's lap with her! That's HER place! What a tribe! I don't know how you and Kerri manage all the pups you take in! More later! Cookie
                      Cookie w/Rosie, Spike, JoJo, Pippa & Billy

7/5: And another good day & night...!! I took Spike down to the grass this morning and JoJo followed right down the ramp! He can go up and down now, what a smartie-pants! I think we should start adoption proceedings, don't you?! Many hugs, Cookie
 7/6: Whoopie! YAY! His new permanent family! We all love JoJo Kirwan! I'll make a donation shortly! Spike and JoJo just had a bath... I have to tell you that he had a few little honks after the bath, maybe for 20-30 seconds, but got quiet and relaxed very quickly when I took them out to cuddle in the sun, where they dried in minutes. Later, I was hanging laundry and he came right down the ramp to find me! Now they and the others are napping. That's a good idea to titer the little ones instead of all the vaccines. Never even considered that possibility. Thank you sooooo much, Cathie! I'll definitely keep you posted and will send a pic of the fluffy boys when they are up & about! ox, ox, ox,
 Cookie and David Kirwan
 7/7: JoJo is an expert at running up the ramp now to get up to the deck. He needs no coaxing! Last night was quiet again. And today was a test of leaving them all for 5 hours (David and I had to go out) with our folks. He and Spike and all others did great! They went outside and had no accidents. They were all so good. Tomorrow, bath time for the little boys and more updates!

Gizmo now G-Mo

Here is Gizmo (now G-Mo).... G-Mo is loving life with us, and has settled in perfectly with our pack! He loves going for walks around the neighborhood, and stopping by the beach. He is a sweet little snuggle bug, with a wonderful personality and we love him to pieces!
Lisa & Jeanette


Honey & Sophia
Hi Kerri,Thanks for getting back to me….I stayed home the first day and took time out yesterday and she is great outside….didn’t seem to like the grass as much as the pavers but learned quickly the grass was the place to go as she’s very smart and really wants to please.  She goes all night with no accidents(which is good cause she sleeps with me and my hubby).  But when she’s in the kitchen during the day with pee pads down she is not using them and going on the floor.  Mostly pee and one poop this morning but that was my fault, I didn’t wait long enough outside to make sure she went.  I am not sure if my kitchen area is too big and she is confused so I will try her in a smaller area and see if that works….It’s not a problem we can’t fix just trying to figure it out …which I will;) Thanks for your input;) Lorna

6/25: Hi Kerri, Just wanted to touch base with you regarding Sophia.   She is really coming along well and even follows me into my room which requires her to do one stair which she does quite well now. She is doing most of her potting outside now with only a few accidents in the house but does not seem to know what a pee pad is for cause she lays down on it if I put one down....lol.   She is even trying to make friends with my honey and walks beside her when outside...it's fun to watch.  She sleeps with us and the first few nights was awake a lot but now sleeps deep even if I get up in the middle of the  night. I do believe she is a keeper! She seems happy with us and we already love her....if its ok when  her stitches come out I would like to take her to my vet. Lorna


Jenna had a great ride home, ate very well and is settling in. Our cat loves her and is grooming her also. So far so good. Molly is letting her know what is her's. Jenna is sleeping on my lap and Molly on Dave's. Just took Jenna out and she peed outside, we did go to the store and bought Cheerios that was here treat. Thank you so very much!!

6/14: Jenna visiting neighbors. They also put up a welcome home for her.

6/17: She's doing great!! Has had only 1 accident in the house. Goes to work with me and loves it. She and Molly starting playing together last night. We just love her. She has her forever home and couldn't be a more perfect addition to our family. Thank you so much.


6/28:Jenna had her new haircut. It took twice to complete it. She was not to sure of it @ the groomers so we had the traveling van come to the house and that worked perfectly. She is doing great and we just love her, Thank you Deb



All is well :) She is settling in nicely, ate all of her dinner and is playing and exploring!

6/15: Day 3 here and 1st day we let her eat with Bailey and Cooper. The boys switch dishes during meals (no idea why) but we let her eat alone for the first two days. Cooper tried switching dishes with her, she gave a tiny growl and Cooper went back to his. It was cute! She's napping with the boys on the couch. They all play with her toys. The purple bone is the fave...All is well :-)

6/61: She's not going anywhere. She is such a good dog. Everyone is getting along. We love her!


Hi Just wanted to send a quick update that Whoopie is doing great. She has settled into the routine and acts like she has been here for months. She loves going to the park for walks and rides well in the car. I could not have asked for a sweeter more well behaved little pup. Her personality comes out more and more every day.  Thank you for everything.


6/9/14:Hi Kerri, Inky brought his squeaky toy to bed with him last night and was playing with it before he went to sleep. I see what you mean about wanting to bolt out the door we are buying a gate so that cannot happen. He really has such a personality I am enjoying him so much. When should I give him his frontline? My last dog always got it the first of the month.
Hi Kerri, Inky is doing great. He slept in the bed with us all night. I just love him to pieces already! He is so loving. Thank you so much for all your help. Anytime you are in the area please stop in for dinner or a drink and to see my boy...


Brody & Simi

Kerri, I cannot tell you how wonderful it is working out with Brody, I love him so much, his little personality is really blossoming and when he wants Simi to play with him, he goes up to him and barks in his face. Then of course, with all the toys and chews we have around the house, each has to have what the other one has. You were part of giving me the idea that adopting him would be possible and I am truly grateful. Thanks you very much.



Hi Kerri, We can't let her go to another home...it would not feel right. She is staying! Bindy continues to do well. She went to the groomers yesterday. She was an angel. I took her for a ride to visit my 95 year old aunt in the nursing home.....she was so good. She really is doing great. 
Thank you.
Rosie & Bob


Hi Cathie, Just giving you an update on Benny's first night.  As you can imagine yesterday was a lot for him, but he did well.  He seems to be doing well in our house and we are giving him a lot of love and reassurance.  At first he seemed o.k./indifferent towards Molly our poodle this morning showed signs of aggression. My mother's dog and our cat were another story all together.  He was very aggressive which surprised us since her was so "Zen" at your house with all the other dogs.  He seems to be consumed with the chase, even when the kids ran around the yard he wanted to herd them.  Did he act this way with you?  We are working to correct this behavior, do you have any suggestions?  We understand this can be yorkie behavior because our beloved Chester had trouble playing nice with other animals too.  Other then that he seems to be o.k. and happy.  I'll keep you posted on his progress.

5/29: We are applying all the same techniques you are and he is responding slowly.  We definitely want to keep Benny, he's a sweet boy and he is very smart . We're committed to getting him over this.  I'll keep you posted on his progress.  I have enclosed some pictures of our boy (we have been taking a lot) Christine

JC now Jayce


Settling in fine.  Don't worry.  Doing great. So nice spending time with you.  You're very special to take such great care of all the little loves.  We admire you! Thank you for entrusting us with JC.  We promise to treat him like a little Prince. Love to you, your husband and the little ones!

 Sue, Rich and Jackie

5/17:  We're happy we found each other.  Funny how things usually work out!  I knew we would find the perfect dog to fill our hearts back up with joy after Budman and Jadu passed. Thank you! If you ever get another rescue that would be a good fit with JC & Jackie, please let us know.



5/30: Hi Cathie -- Thought you might be wondering how JC is doing.  Rich took him to our groomer's for a trim today.  Alyssa said he was a model client.  No squirming, nipping or whining. He's a sweet dog. He's still trying to find his place with us.  He's just starting to play with his toys.  I've been extending our walks and bonding times this week which seems to help him.  He's struggling a little with self-confidence.  His appetite is good and he sleeps very soundly.  He's learning how to give me a hug which we both like a lot! We're not sure how to help him feel more confident other than letting time heal his insecurities and continue to do what we do. Hope this finds you doing well.  I imagine you still have all those little darlings in your care.


6/18/14: Jayce is doing great now.  He's finally realized he's not going anywhere.  He's arrived at his forever home.  He's playing catch with us now and loves to go for walks exploring the neighborhood. Jackie is happier having a companion in the house again, too.  She's 16.  Rich was just saying last night that she may live to be 20! All is good and happy in our home again. If you think any of your doggies would be a good fit, our door is always open!

 Love Sue and Rich


This dog is just perfect. She just seems so comfortable here and I just love her....she is using her P pad and has pooped outside. That's the base news but for the BIG NEWS...she just is so good, and sooooo DELIGHTFUL!! She has not had a frightened moment and is just making me so happy. In fact I couldn't be happier on top of that she is gorgeous !!! Not to mention adorable and sweet, there just aren't enough superlatives..
Who could ask for anything more. Thank you so much...Hope. You had a great day at Brim.  And found some treasures because I certainly did right there in Taunton  thanks to you. It's really Kismet...I will send out the signed contract tomorrow. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!
5/17: l is well....she gets better every minuet. She is really calm...Slept great last night, right up against me and so very good, she is using the pee pad and when she goes out side I give her tons of "good girls" I don't think it will be long until she only needs the pad for emergencies...as I have already said SHE IS PERFECT...I had to go out this A.M. And I put her in the crate she walked right in ,laid right Down, I waited outside and looked in the window and she was as snug as a bug in a rug. When I came back I had some grocery bags with me, I put the ice cream away and she just sat there waiting quietly. She hops around when someone comes in but no crazy stuff at all, she absolutely loves when she has new
company and have I mentioned that _SHE IS PERFECT? Thank you..........SHE IS PERFECT...
Oh and she is eating  as instructed and liking... And I meant to thank you for the SWAG BAG !!!!!!!
6/5:Hi Cathie ...well all is perfect with the "little girl" I love her more every day......she is so very good...I left my iPad at a friends house last week and just got it back. Yuck -the amount of email was unreal you don't seem to notice it when you clear it every day...just wanted to tell you how happy we are...had to wait for the doc.  appointment till next tues. He was on vacation and I really wanted her to go to him first because he is the best, I've always brought my dogs to him.....just wanted to tell you that we are very, very, very, HAPPY...Thank you so much....

Bruiser now Buddy

Hi again - We had a nice ride home.  Buddy settled right down after about a mile on the highway.  He slept a lot or was at least calm. He laid in the middle with his left side on the pillow and his right side on my left hip. We came home first so we could all get "watered" and then went to our Town Hall and changed Rowdy's license over to Buddy as I had just gotten Rowdy's license in mid-Feb. and he passed 2/28.  So now he is LEGAL! When we came home first we spent a little time and Buddy checked out the house and we got his stamp of approval.  No worry about his doing stairs or jumping up on the bed and down again. Then we went to our local "doggy shop" - Pawsitive Thoughts - and got some food and treats. Then we came home and Buddy and I watched the rest of the Sox game (darn, they lost).  He laid right beside me in the big chair the whole time. I think he may have told me he had to pee, as about mid-way through the game, he got down from the chair, turned and looked at me. So, I took him out and he indeed peed. Good boy!
I fed him about 4:15 as he seemed hungry.  Mixed the food 1/2 and 1/2 and he gobbled it right down. After our supper, 5:30, we took him for a little walk and he peed again and also pooed.  In the next few days we will be able to establish a feeding schedule and a peeing and pooing one. He is now laying on a throw rug behind me in my upstairs computer room and is fast asleep. He had a busy day! He is a real sweetheart and I think he and we will work out just fine.  Best wishes to you and thank you so much for working with us so we could adopt Buddy.  Take good care, Judy
6: Cathie - We are all great.  Buddy is fitting right in.  He seems to really like us and his new home.  We had a great night.  I took him out at bed time, about 11:00 pm and he did his pee.  Then he slept with me and I spread his blanket on the other side and he slept wherever he wanted.  I usually get up at night to go to the bathroom - twice!!  Very annoying.  He just watched me go and happy when I came back, then  just settled down again.  We slept well all night.  We woke up about 7:15 and I got right up, threw on some clothes and went right out.  Peed again!!  I have been watching him pretty closely and as far as I can see he hasn't had any "accidents" in the house.  He really tells me when he has to go out.  We will just keep working with him and I am sure we will eventually establish a schedule.  When we came in I gave him his breakfast and he gobbled it right up. I don't know if he will crate train or not.  It isn't really necessary, but for an experiment I put 2 small treats at the entrance to the crate which, of course, he gobbled up.  Then I tossed 2 more in the back of the crate and he went right in and got them.  Of course I didn't close the door.  We will take it slow and see what happens.  He is such a friendly little dog and he loves to always be with someone.
We went for our usual food shopping trip this morning and he sat in the car with Brad while I rounded up the groceries.  Was excited to see me come back. When we were outside, he met two of our neighbors and they think he is wonderful. They both said they knew we would get another dog.  Just a matter of time.  I don't feel really comfortable without a dog.  I have had dogs all through my life.  My mother used to breed and raise Cocker Spaniels.  I have also had some cats, but I am really a dog person.  He is a great little dog!  We are very lucky to have him. I meant to ask you what the bottle of liquid and the tube of ointment are for.  They say for his ears, but according to the date - mid Jan. - to use for about 4 weeks.  What sort of ear problem did he have?  I am assuming it is all cleared up now as his ears look fine. We have an appointment with our Vet Monday morning so she can meet him and start a new record.  I know she will love him too.  Thanks so much for everything and we will stay in touch.  Best, Judy

Mandy & Sandy

Hi Kerri, We are in LOVE with them and they will be staying!!!  No reactions except for face licking which we have been trying to limit to cheeks…Mandy officially LOVES  car rides she no longer cries and pants... She is very comfortable in her booster seat with Sandy. Let us know what the next steps will be…
Walter, Lisa, Matthew, Eric, Sandy & Mandy Hermenau

5/26: Hi Kerri, Sandy and Mandy have added a new dimension to our family that we didn’t even know was missing until they joined us.  They are an absolute delight and are so loved by all of us.  They are adjusting to our family very well and are almost 100% potty trained outside and they love going for walks and rides in the car in their new car seat. Thanks for allowing them to join our family!
Lisa, Walter, Matthew & Eric Hermenau

Bella & Bailey

Hello Kerri,
We wanted to update you on how life has been with Bella and Bailey.  Its been absolutely fantastic. They are great!  We have doggie booster seats for them in the car. They're working very hard on getting used to them.  Bella was chillin' from the get go but, Bailey took an extra couple of rides to finally feel safe enough to relax. They are very well behaved. We're working on getting them to do their business outside. That needs more time.  We feel it'll happen soon. Laurie is training them to obey her commands.  Did you know that they love laps? We just love them. Talk soon,
Update 7/2/2014: Thought you'd both get a kick out of these. Lovin' our babies. Bella & Baby at NYC Pride!
Cheryl and Laurie



Hi Kerri, Lucy is adjusting to her new home.  She loves walking around in her back yard and she seems very happy here.  She loves her doggie bed and her blanket.  She is always wagging her tail and happy to see us.  Everyone has been getting along too. With the weather getting warmer I am sure she will be out more.


Hi Kerri, Georgie is doing very well and we are absolutely in love. We couldn't be happier! Thank you for everything. Anytime you are in Hull and want to say "Hi" to Georgie, just let me know!
Jill and Patricia

Betsy now Maisy

Hi Kerri, It has been 3 weeks since Maisy joined our family and we are all so excited to have her.  Wesley is so happy to have his Mom here and he has been so well behaved.  They cuddle in the sun and play with each other.  She is also a spoiled girl in a house full of boys.  

Patti now Tallulah

Erin with ZuZu left & Patti now Tallulah right

Hi Kathy, Well one week in and all seem to be settling in....Zuzu is coming around slowly. She has her moments but they are fewer...Now Patti is also finding her voice and place.  Guess who can do stairs now!!!!!!  She is a love and things are looking up  :)
update 4/6: Hi, I  just wanted to thank you also for your patience.  You'll never believe who is getting along....they are sitting together with us on the couch and playing!!  I am very happy with this :) I just saw Yorkies Inc got new additions .....very cute! Thanks again

Maggie & Archie

Margie holding Archie & Dan with Maggie

Hi Cathie, Maggie and Archie are doing well. We are very blessed to have them. They act like husband and wife. One minute hugging and next minute complaining about something. Love being outside with their dog buddies Shelby and Bella who live next door. Going for walks, chasing anything, and sleeping together. Maggie gives plenty of kisses and Archie needs his belly rubs. Thanks for putting the joy back into our lives. Love. Kisses, Hugs, Licks  
The Vettese’s~ Margie, Dan, Maggie & Archie

LuLu & Vincent

Hi Kerri, Vincent and Lulu (now Teddy and Lucy) are doing great. They seem very happy that they are staying and we are thrilled.  They have stopped barking at every noise they hear, and seem more and more comfortable and relaxed here every day. They are enjoying playing with Brooklyn and sometimes even Lily. I did not plan to have 4 dogs, but am so happy that they are part of our family...my first foster failure times 2!
Thanks for bringing them into our lives.



So I thought I could be a foster mom? It was a great idea my little Tony would have someone to play with and another yorkie would get a chance at a new home. Then Doogie came into our life, Tony loved him so much and so did I so we are now a family of three and we are so very happy. How could you not love this guy...


Moxie & Koffee

Hi They are doing well. We are working on potty skills. I almost have them masters of the stairs for the bed. They snuggled so close to me last night I thought I might squish Moxie. Koffee loves the yard he even tried walking on the high snow. Marty is a little shy of them. But, they are checking each other out. I think Moxie likes him. I am sure once he gets used to them he will warm up.
Regards Gisele
3/14/14: Adopted Absolutely!!! I was always planning on furever! They act like they've lived here all their lives.;-)

Rocket now Wesley

Hi Kerri,  We have all fallen in love with him.  He is such a love bug and loves to snuggle with all of us.  He checked out at the vet and is a very healthy boy.  He is a part of our family now and it seems as if he has been with us forever.  He has gotten used to being on a leash and he loves to walk in the neighborhood.  We are so happy he has come into our lives!
Thank you for all you do,
The Whitehouse Family


Stephen Glass & his wife Judy with their daughter Jen Conrad & family w/ Toby
Toby is so sweet and loving! He has not had an accident in the house and we've been very committed to taking him out every 2 to 3 hours. He has gone pee outside three times! He is great with the kids and my husband also adores him. I will say he is very attached to me and loves to follow me around. As far as the food, he really wouldn't touch the bites that you had given to me, so I put just a bit of the wet with the bites on top and that was it! Hopefully the more confident he becomes here the more playful he will become. I think he is still soaking it all in! We are in love though! I did attach a picture of him snuggled into Michael's legs...Quick question though, did he have a heartguard chew yet or no?

Toby with new daddy Michael

update3/3/14: I bought the Fromm Chicken A-La Veg and he loves it!  He is eating that in the morning and in the afternoon.  I have to say he has really perked up.  This morning he went into Jordan’s room and took a stuffed animal of hers and brought it to us to play!  He has even started to bark a little…we had friends over last night and when he heard the car doors he barked and as soon as they came in the house he went right over to them.  We absolutely adore him! Friday afternoon I am taking him to West Side Animal Clinic where we have gone for years and he will have the stitches taken out and a well visit follow up.  I will definitely let you know how that goes! Thanks for everything! Awesome-he is awesome!  We are just having a blast with Sir Toby



Hi Cathie and John, We are home and all is going well.  Punkin did fine on the ride home and Mr.Bo has taken to Punkin like it is his baby.  Bailey is adjusting well and letting Bo take the alpha role.  We will keep you updated on their progress.  We will send along some pics during the week.
2/24/14:Good morning Cathie, Punkin did very well last night and they are all doing well adjusting.  We love him and he is making a wonderful addition to the family.  Thank you for all the sacrifices you make in order to provide for these little guys!  Glenn and I  felt like we were longtime friends.... It was very comfortable being with you.....
XO Diane
2/27/14:Hi Cathie, Punkin is doing very well as are Bailey and Bo..... We just love the lil guy!  We have an appt on Saturday to have him seen by our vet and suspect he will come away with a clean bill of health. He certainly has a healthy appetite and chows down so quickly that I have placed a couple of golf balls in his bowl to help slow him down and it has helped giving him a "better dining experience" :) I just groomed Bailey and Bo and now they are all cuddled together. He loves to sit in our lap! When we sit on the floor with him, he gets into our lap and cuddles in :)He sleeps in the carrier at the head of our bed and is very content in doing so. I am sure we a quite the sight to see when we are all in bed.... Good thing it's a king bed! He has quite the bark when he hears someone come in.... Quite the guard dog! Shirley called this week to see how everything was going and I sent her a couple of pics. Talk soon XO Diane

2/28:14: Cathie, You can update Punkin as "adopted".  It was meant to be!  I was drawn to this little guy the first time I saw him.  I can't thank you enough for keeping me updated on him as that is what got us to where we are now!  I believe everything happens for a reason and can say that the reasons are many when it comes to Punkin.  We met Shirley and Simi and then you and John.  Glenn and I have discussed often this week about what you and John do for these little guys....We don't know how you do it for soo many but we are very happy that the world has people like the two of you. We will keep in touch and I am already planting seeds that an even number would be better:).  I think we are very fortunate to have such loving husbands:) 
3/1/14:Cathie, We are thrilled to be part of the Yorkies Inc family!  We love you and we have been singing your praises. I started the heartworm today and will continue the 1st of each month.  We will stay in touch and we look forward to seeing you mid September for the 10 year reunion.
Cathie, I want to let you know that Punkin is doing well.  He is positioning himself as the alpha dog.... Quite entertaining to watch!!!!! He does well sleeping at the head of the bed in a little larger carrier then we picked him up in.  He is fondly attached to the little blanket you sent home with him and we keep that in that carrier when he sleeps.  His appetite is very good and he gets a dose of exercise pouncing on Bailey and Bo.  Bo is papa bear always keeping an eye out for him:). I will get a video of them to you soon.


Hi Kerrianne, Just a quick note to let you know Bently is doing just fine and has blended in perfectly with our family.  Like I said the other day, you would not think he is new around here! He and our other dog Sunday, who we adopted last July, have turned into playmates. You should have seen Bently running around out back the other day trying to catch up with Sunday!  They run up and down the hall with their toys in the their mouths, taking them from each other when they reach their destination, then start all over again. Bently is eating much better and has fallen into our routine.  I have my sweets at night before bedtime, Bently and Sunday (and the cat) have theirs too, then we are off to bed. He sleeps through the night. He and Sunday snuggle between my husband and I.  My cat  is back on the bed now too once my husband gets up for work. I have taken Bently to my veterinarian and he received a clean bill of health and I had him groomed last week as well. We all just love him! Thanks for everything and will talk with you soon. 


Kelly holding Lacie with Penny

 Hi Kerri, 
I just wanted to send you a quick update on Lacie. She is a delight!  She has so much personality! She is doing great, eating well, sleeping well (in her dog bed & in my bed) & is settling into a new routine here pretty easily. She & Penny are getting along fine, still getting to know each other. Last night was my first night working since she arrived, she did great at my parents house, but I have had her there almost every day for visits to get comfortable there, which took about a minute! She even has her own dog bed over there as well & she slept on it last night, & spent some time on their bed. She is taking her medication every day without any trouble, she is almost done with her antibiotic as well. I already cannot imagine not having her here as part of my family. I don't know how long you give as the "trial" period, but on my end, it's terrific, I love her, & want to give her the forever home she deserves. Talk to you soon.
  Kelly, Penny & Lacie : )



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